Treble Voices – Revelaing Trends

Trebel Music has always been tied to the Cathedral. And as such drew limited attention. In short, if you didn’t attend the cathedral or compete with it from another area then you probably knew or heard little if anything about it.

You may have stumbled into a service on Christmas or Easter but to seek them out was not even near your “To Do” list.

“Times, they is a changin” my old granny used to say. Today you will hear treble voices almost anywhere. Let’s begin by defining quickly the term treble. Treble is a term used for the prepubesent male who sings in the higher registers. The uneducated may even say they sound like a girl singing.

The truth is that no female of the species is capable of the brilliance created by the treble voice. This is not meant in any way as a degredation towards females but rather a fact that simply exists.

Treble is the only vocal condition in humanity that can not be duplicated. It is fleeting and as such must be captured when it occurs or be lost for infinity. Todays trebles can be found in any garage, den or family room. Some of the most beautiful voices have been discovered on forums like You Tube, Daily Motion and Myspace. And having an outlet like these has spawned a drive for the young to flaunt their voices in a wonderful way.

The Internet has allowed the sharing of these wonderful talents as well as allowing the public to be better informed about it.

For a long time it appeared that the traditions of treble voice training were fading into oblivion. These unexpected outlets have assured that they will go on forever. They may have to evolve a bit however as groups like The Flaming Monkeys and Ice Cold Idiots challenge the way we view the treble.



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