The Gentle Voice of Noa Johannesson

Noa Johannesson of Jonkoping Sweden born 29 May 1992
Noa Johannesson of Jonkoping Sweden  3

Noa is every father’s dream of a child made to order and his father speaks proudly of him.

I can honestly say that it gives me great pleasure, when something comes up that gives me cause to contact this wonderfully musical family. I know it is going to be a pleasant experience no matter what it is.

Noa is an incredibly gifted young man, although he thinks himself just like every other kid. And he is. He is just like every other kid who plays multiple instruments and sings with a voice of subtle beauty, full of richness and depth not to mention his great stage presence. His interaction with the camera is natural and the lens likes him a lot. Much of the credit for that goes to his Dad’s incredible editing skills.

He began playing guitar when he was ten and he says he has been singing all his life. The number of videos that Noa has counts to only three, but the three he has done speak for themselves in their quality and their following.

In his Roxanne video he plays Lead Guitar, bass Guitar, Drums and has lain down audio tracks. That is a lot of studio time but Noa enjoys it and so does his Dad. Tommy is his videographer, audio technician, band and friend, when he isn’t playing the Dad role or working his regular daily job. They both count it as quality time spent with the other.

Noa Johannesson – Roxanne

The process of creating a quality video product is extensive, especially when one person is doing all the parts. So Noa is no stranger to hard work and when I asked him how he keeps motivated he responded that he thinks about the finished product and how it will sound when he is done with it. That keeps him going.

His video, “Time After Time” showcases this young artist’s subtle inflection beauty and style, as well as his wonderful treble range. He exhibits gentle control as he navigates through the notes, in this most beautiful well known piece. His attention and absolute pure tone is unique to this fine young man.

Noa Johannesson – Time After Time

When he’s not singing, he does all the things a normal kid does; TV, hanging out with friends, riding his mini-bike, video games and YouTube.

I asked him if his friends had an opinion about his music. He said they like it and he’s never heard any bad comments and his friends watch his videos on YouTube. I asked him what it was like having people recognized because of his videos. He said it has only happened a few time and although it is a little weird having someone know you when you don’t know them, he says it’s a still a pretty cool feeling.

Noa has just tested and has been accepted as music major for his next three years. For the admission testing, Noa has written some music and hopes to be able to share it with us in the near future. We certainly look forward to it, as we have for every new installment. Having been penned with his own hand we are even more intrigued to see the genre and flavor of his new piece. Until it is ready for broadcast, his fans wait with great anticipation.

When it will be ready he won’t say, but one thing remains certain. Noa and his music will be around for a while to come. And so will his fans.

While Noa is ready for his voice to change as he is anxious to start music towards a little rougher rock genre, we will miss this treble when he finally does break. And at 16 he is on borrowed time. I for one am grateful that he has been blessed with it a little longer. The world would have missed out on a very special and unique voice, if he had broken earlier. I send this message to you Noa.

“Do not be in a hurry, it will come in time. Meanwhile, make hay while the sun shines. SING!

For more information please see Noa’s BCSD profile where you will find links to his other sites. BCSD Logo


14 responses to “The Gentle Voice of Noa Johannesson

  1. Noa johannesson

    Hi John! I just want you to know how glad I am that you’re doing all this. Thank you so much!
    And that you are taking YOUR time to talk so good about me 😀 Without you I would not be as discovered as I am riht now. Thanks again, John! Cheers /Noa

  2. It is my pleasure Noa. When will we get to hear the song that you have written? Your Dad says it is awesome. I can’t wait to hear it. Hopefully you’ll come back here and let us know it is available.

    Good luck,

  3. This is an amazing story, and Noa you are one of the best singers I have ever heard if im 100% honest with you. Your cover of tears in heaven is just incredible and it brings back memories that will last a life time.

    I cant wait till you bring out a new song or even an album. Maybe we could chat or get to know eachother? Add me on msn or email me.

  4. hola noa you are with only word…won der ful you will be one of the best sınger in the world be sure for that…. from turqua

  5. hi noa you are really good playing drum and guitar.. awesome and good voice hope u will be an next star..tnx!!

  6. Noa U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    what an awesome sounds hope to hear lots of your music down under (australia) in the future.
    really really awesome stuff

  7. It’s really sad he’s not making new videos, he’s so good and inspired me to start music too!!


  9. I’ve heard three of his new ones on myspace, “She is coming home” , great new sound, “Mum and Dad”, a beautiful song I imagine for his folks, and “Mustang 71” , sounds good, but I don’t understand Sweed , so hopefully when I can get in touch with him I’ll ask if he has an english version….but yeah, he’s really doing great with his originals….they really draw you in.
    Peace-Tommy Stevens

  10. Visit anytime at our site and I welcome all your comments or emails…Thanks-Tommy Stevens

  11. Noa is truly a fine musician and song writer. His voice has changed and has a great full quality! With all he has going for him I know we will hear much more from him in the future, and his future looks to be a bright one. Check out his new video and original song“Mum and Dad” … Chip

    • Agreed! Noa is one of the finest. And I’ve had the pleasure of watching him blossom from a treble to the fine outstanding young artist he has become. He truly shows what can be done with hard work and dedication to his craft. I think he will be around entertaining the world for years to come. I certainly hope so. He is really gifted.
      Thanks for the comment!

  12. Great Music!!!!! Keep it up!! -Hunter Hayes

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