Celestial Voices

The treble voice has long been admired by the world. Kings would scour the countryside for that treble voice. Often the family was invited to move within the confines of the protection of the castle if they would allow their son to be made a part of the King’s court.

We won’t get into the bleak happenings that quite often followed as these young boys were often altered to preserve the voice. Often with disastrous results. But instead we will focus on the beauty of the voice and the come back that it is making all over the world.

YouTube has been very instrumental in getting kids to open their mouths and sing in front of a camera. There is no denying that fact. Kids are filled with curiosity and love cameras. Together they create a recipe for imaginative and sometimes innovative fun. Some with surprising results.

Kids are finding their voices again. The garage band has made a comeback and with surprising results. Whole new Industries are being built on the entertainment value of the hidden and often unknown talent that ten years ago would never be heard. Now though, What once was a shower singer can develope a fan base that is international. Labels and Hollywood are discovering it too. They can now sign a new talent with less risk and those that already have a fan base. Your chances of being picked up by a label are far greater than ever before and the world is reacting.

Choirs now have their own pages and sell their music worldwide with little to no investment. And the voices we are hearing are phenomenal. There is no such thing as local talent anymore. And the access to the talent by the public has never before been so open.

This blog will hopefully allow us to explore and meet these voices, these wondrous kids and learn what they have to teach us.



5 responses to “Celestial Voices

  1. just wanted to say hey!

    Nice site. Im kinda busy now but will come back and look around some more later.

  2. Congratulations of the new design – the blog is looking really good.

  3. Thanks. I really appreciate the input. It is a work in progress. So more to come.

  4. Ehy great design and cool page man

  5. Thanks very much VampireSinger. I guess I should ask how a vampire sings? Is your music Vampiric in nature or are you just a bloody good singer?

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