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The Magical Boy From Mombasa!

Now nestled in Southampton deep in the UK. This nearly 14 year old

dances, smiles,

sings,  smiles, writes his own music and oh, yes. I nearly forgot.

He smiles.

With a personality that could bring laughter at a wake Connor Daniel eagerly takes the stage. He is the type of person that you know is around even if he is in the line behind you. Just that aura of happiness that tickles the back of your neck when he is there. His very presence fosters the belief that something good is about to happen.

And if you are anywhere near a stage, it usually does.

The youngest of three boys he loves his family first and foremost. His mother Rosemarie and father Simon support him in his endeavors and always attend his competitions. They have raised their kids to be well mannered, loving and compassionate. I wish they taught classes to other parents. We would have a lot less strife in our world.

Mom says he has always had the most beautiful eyes. “People used to stop us when he was a baby because his eyes against his golden skin was just so pretty.”

Yes Connor, she said “pretty” and I’m not takin’ it back. Live with it kid. You will always be her baby.

Connor takes voice lessons and dance lessons focusing on funkstyles. Something called poppin, lockin, tutts, waving, krump and boogaloo. Sorry I do voice, that sounds sorta like an Eddie Murphy movie exploded. All I know is when he is on stage and fired up he is incredible. With a voice that is changing he still manages to get it out in a style only Connor Daniel can create.

And it must be working! Look even Jay Sean goes for a little lens time squeezing in there with Connor for a photo-op.

Hey! Quality Creates it's own demand.

He loves his half Mombasa heritage and although absent from the land he loves, he is never far from it in his heart. He dreams of becoming a serious artist and signed to a label then taking his magic and turning it towards bettering the land and the people he loves so much. You can hear his heart shift gears whenever he speaks of it.

He dreams of helping his other homeland to become self sufficient. To build schools and to better the economy. Personally I think he can do it. He is driven by his passion and guided by his love for the people.

And the seafood. It is said that all you can eat seafood places post guards to watch for him so they can flip the closed sign before he eats them out of business. I called around the UK and found one place that equated his appetite for seafood to that of a killer whale. Somehow I think that Mombasa asked him to leave because he ate all the seafood.

Me, I’m on a seefood diet too. I see food I eat it.

But despite the appetite he stays slim and trim dancing it away poppin, struttin, tuttin and boogalooing. Boogalooing? I might have to google a couple of these. But I know that his moves are fluid skilled and purposeful.

If there was one person on the planet that could effect change in Mombassa, then I have no doubt it would be Connor Daniel.

When asked about a significant other, he said, “Hey, I’m only 13!” So I guess that means applications are being taken. But take it from me, if you are interested in that smile, those slate gray eyes or those perfect cupid’s bow lips, points are given for having ties to a seafood restaurant!

Anyway you look at it. Connor Daniel is a super star and will be changing the world as we know it. Personally, after working with Connor and his parents, I’d be glad to put him in charge.

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