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Jordan Jansen as Bugsy Malone

This just in. Jordan Jansen has Landed the part as Busy Malone.

Jordan Jansen

I Guess that makes him my little Ganster buddy.

And here’s the best part. Sources tell me he has to take accent lessons so he can learn to talk correctly. Like an American! Great, now the tables are turned and I can tell him that he sounds funny.

I can’t wait for the pictures and the reviews and oh hey there Mom, better get some more tape for that video camera.

I can just imagine Jordan in a Dark Blue pinstripe zoot suit with a white Fedora and matching spats. Top that off with a Tommy Gun and you’ve got Jordan Malone. Or is that Bugsy Jansen?

Check back for show dates.

Congratulations Jordan! Way to GO!

What a pleasant surprise! The producers read my article!

Thanks Mike for the use of your photo.

Thanks Mike for the use of your photo.