A new Quote to add to my collection

It is a great thing, to do something so well that your peers compliment you. It is an even greater achievement, to excel at what you do, to the point that even your competition feel compelled to compliment you.

July 2008


Here looking for Dragons, OJ or anything else?

If your search for Dragons brought you here and you seem stunned because the hearder is music related It’s because I moved to to another blog here at WordPress. Just click the button below and it will wisp you away.

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“Tears of the Dragon Boy.” and all my other stuff is located there.

“Tears of the Dragon Boy”

An adventure for the young and the young at heart. A Moral play that doesn’t sugar coat life. An adventure involving a young boy and dragons and a bit of a battle. And before you jump to any conclusions. These dragons have no riders.

But there is a cheeky little guy who will have his life turned upside down when he becomes half dragon.

Enjoy it and the parent page, or title page, if you prefer. gives a more complete description of the settings for the world and a synopsis of the story.

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Welcome to Bestpi’s Soap Box

Here you will find navigation to my other pages. I’ve sorted this in a most peculiar way for a blog, but I think it will facilitate my needs better in this layout.

Links on the right side let you go directly to the page you want. That way, there is no scrolling through large piles of junk you’re not interested in to get to the meat. I like that part.

Sit back, kick off your shoes and dig around a bit. I tend to be informal here and want you to be as well.

My rules are easy. Don’t be impolite. Remember that kid’s will often come here to read what has been written about themselves. Useless negative comments and spam won’t get approved anyways.

Do leave comments and messages if you have questions , comments or wish me to write about anyone in particular. Or if you have a new treble lead. (They grow like mushrooms. You can have a whole new crop overnight.)

I moderate all comments. I operate under the Golden rule. If you nothing nice to say, then start your own blog and say it.

No spamming. Period.





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