My voice broke! I can’t sing anymore. Will it ever come back?

What they probably forgot to tell you or weren’t sure how to tell you.

This is very important. Your voice plate has thickened because your body is now producing massive amounts of testosterone. You’re becoming a young man. Because testosterone thickens the voice plate, it also changes the shape and the audio dynamics of it. Just like taking a guitar and adding another 2 inches to the neck length would change all the dynamics of the guitar, so does changing the thickness of the vocal plate. You would have to learn to play the modified guitar all over again.

Your voice plate is no different. The reason a boy squeaks when he speaks or tries to sing is his minds says to the body, “On my cue, tighten these muscles to shape the throat and position the larynx thus, lungs – push this amount of air out, mouth make this shape and tongue just get the hell out of the way.” The problem is that the mind is playing the old guitar. It needs to reprogram the body for each note.

If you go too fast it can’t keep up. (At least until the mind reprograms it self.) Once the new program is in place you can scream, rap or do just about anything. For now though until your mind is solid on it’s new commands, you need to sing very slow songs. And sing them softly. You can add volume and speed later. That will make the programming more precise. Learn sloppy and you will sing sloppy. Take the time to learn properly and it will pay off. I know it is frustrating because you had a well trained singing voice just a few days ago.

My sensei once told me, *“It is better to practice one time correctly, than a thousand times wrong.”( * Sensei Katsutaka Tanaka, Alaska , a long time ago.) *

Learning is learning. Karate or singing or anything else worthwhile in life. Learn correctly. Don’t try to sing in the voice you had before. That time is over and now you need to focus on the new you; your new sound. Keep in mind that as beautiful as your treble voice was, so too will be your new voice. Whether it is alto, tenor, baritone or bass, it is yours. It is still uniquely yours and you need to devote time to making it yours and making it right. Start where it is comfortable. If the notes all squeak then you’re probably still trying to sing too high or you are still in the throws of growth. Give it a few days and try again.

Just like a child learning to speak. As he focuses the words will get better. You however have a more difficult time because your mind has already been trained one way, so you have to unlearn.

Think about each note and slowly deliver it and you will find a whole voice lacking nothing. And before long, you will have retrained your mind and body. All that you have learned will come into play, so none of it was wasted. It will all add to who you are today. You may be the youngest of men, but today you are a man training a man’s voice. Just like when you were a treble, it will take time to get that richness and depth in your new voice. Be patient, I know it’s tough, but you were a treble. That was tough and you made it then too. You can do this also.

Sing a lot, it gives you something else to do in the shower and the moisture is good for the throat. But remember that rushing it is what confuses the voice plate. The mind and the body must synchronize for harmony to be restored once again. If it remains confused because you rushed it, you may never relearn properly.

So for a while, work on retraining. Do the scales and start at a comfortable level. When you get a note you squeak on, take a breath relax the throat and focus on the note. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come right away or if your mind can’t identify or co-ordinate all the muscles perfectly right now. Move on to the next note. As your mind learns adjacent notes which are easier to oscillate, it will learn to step in the same fashion as your previous voice. Remember that it is still growing too so sing slowly and your mind will compensate. Soon it will find the missing notes simply by taking the shape of the previous note and stepping the same way it has learned previously, going note to note.

If you had a beautiful voice before, you will probably have one again; different but beautiful nonetheless. Work at it and you will be pleased with what you end up with.

I hope this make sense. I’ve tried to lay it out in a way that is easier to understand. It’s all so ambiguous when the say your voice broke and they are always willing to tell you what happened but few are able to explain the “whys” and more importantly the “what do I do now?” It’s frustrating because you not only had control but it was special and put you in the limelight. Remember that your hormones make you crazy during this time and your mind and body are also learning new things. Moving is even differently because muscle mass is different. Overnight you stretch out.

The bottom line for you is to do what you can do and be patient. Some guys need to give it some time for the body to quit changing things, before they start to retrain. So go play some sports, exercise helps the body normalize and helps the muscles stretch and fit your new frame. Now is when you will build your new muscle mass. If you want to have those six pack abs, now is the time to start building them. Remember, you’ll want to look good up on that stage when you get up there to sing next.

It would also be a great time to take up a form of martial arts. It may help you to have, “A sound mind, in a sound body.”


Please note that The motto of Sensei Tanaka’s Dojo is, “A sound Mind, in a Sound Body.” And although I have taken the wisdom of his teachings with me and have shared them with you here, this should in no way be construed as to infer, directly or indirectly, any type of endorsement or affirmation By Sensi Tanaka or Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy. But I will always remain grateful for his wisdom.


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  1. Thought you might be interested in this little guy, he’s quite a talent! he writes his own songs too

    you’ve got a great blog! i’ve been a treble fan since i was a kid. it’s really exciting how popular thier becomming!

  2. Hi Billdog39, you are so right. This youngster goes on the list. He has a beautiful little voice. He will warrant a little more investigation.

    I was a treble singer when I was young too. Once a treble, always a fan. What is amazing is how it is taking off on this side of the great pond.
    Nice to have your visit and your comments.

  3. A fantastic article and one that will come in very handy in the future.

  4. Thanks Lee-Anne. I hope you don’t need this for a long, long time. The way Jordan just sang “The Prayer” says he is just barely entering his vocal prime. I would give him another three to four years of delivering delightful vocals to us.

    Sorry, I bet you were hoping for a night off, but alas, I think then you will still be driving him to the theater. He may not be acting but that boy will live on the stage for a lot of years to come. Few are born to it like he is.

    For those reading this, we are speaking of Jordan Jansen.

    Best wishes Lee-Anne and thanks for stopping by.

  5. wow congratulations Mr. John, is a cool article 😛 u rock!

  6. Thanks Vampire Singer. You won’t need the information for a while yet either. Your voice is stil quite wonderful. Hope you are well and staying that way. Cheers. John

  7. Hello my voice has been changing for a while at least a year or 2. its deeper now, but whenever i try to go higher i feel like theres a block in my throat. is that normal?
    thanks :]

    • Hello Austin,
      Yes that is normal. Your new voice will not go as high as it did before. Try starting lower and sing softer. You’ll find what you are looking for. A richer, deeper voice. Don’t force it and don’t scream it. Learn the new notes gently and you’ll find the control. Keep making music!

  8. i used to love singing, but now I hate it. it was my passion that got taken away from me. my beautiful singing voice got taken away from me by satan! i am never going to sing ever again unless i can sing falsetto. someone help me sing falsetto

  9. I’ve never sang songs but lately i’ve been singing them alot. Is it possible for someone who never had a great voice before their voice broke, then ‘learn’ a new voice? the way like in the article? cause this article is somewhat idolizing. appreciate it if u could get back to me

    • Well it can’t make a voice where there isn’t one. But practicing and getting a vocal coach can certainly help you bring out the talent and control that is there, that you just never train it to be. Singing lifts the spirit and is great for reducing stress and depression.

      So Sing!

  10. Hi, betspi i have a question im 16 years old and i try to sing im not quite a good singer but my friends tell me that my voice sounds difrent everytime is my voice changing? and shall i go to an vocal coach trainer? to help me out with this.
    i drink alot of water every day
    This problem started like 1 year ago and im getting frustrating :/ i rlly want my old voice back how long can this take till i get an adult voice.

    Already thank you 😀

    • Hello Ivan,
      Much depends on you and the type of music you are trying to sing. Understand that getting the old voice back will never occur, but your new voice can be wonderful in it’s own way.

      Of course a year ago, many things changed for you. Besides no longer being able to sing, you’ve gained muscle mass, hair where it wasn’t and even changes in how you perceive the world and people around you.

      It may surprise you to find out these were all caused by the same culprit. The addition of massive amounts of testosterone. It can even make you a little crazy. The changes will continue for a few years yet to come. But they will come now a bit more gradual.

      During this process your voice plate thickens and as the article says causes you to not only go out of tune but it even changes your vocal frets if you will. As a violin lacks frets you sort of have to find the right spot again. Yes a vocal coach can help loads, right now it is important to sing gently and not scream anything. Every time you scream right now you are changing the dynamics of the vocal chords. You need to sing softer songs for a bit until the change is complete and you have control of your tonal quality again. Many quit completely for a year or so but I find that to be a disservice. It is important to re-shape the voice plate properly while it is growing. But screaming or forceful lyrics right now are simply out if you want a career in song.

      So the bottom line is keep relearning the notes and working to sing each one properly. But sing for control, not volume or intensity.

      I hope it works out well for you. Many continue to sing through the change but the successful ones sing softly until they are through it sometime between 18 and 22 years of age. Every person is different. Our body clocks are too. You may get through it in a year. You may also not get through it for four or five.

  11. Thanks for the information you really help alot 😀

  12. man i had a awesome voice! b4 my voice broke:( so shood i go to a teacher who can help me find my proper singing voice? please notify me!

  13. Hello Kurtis,
    Yes most certainly. Just because you can’t sing treble does not mean you don’t have something special. And a good vocal coach can help a lot. If there are none reasonable the find a local university and find a teaching student and ask them to help. They can be quite cost effective as it is what they want to do. Cheers and good luck.

  14. i actually enjoy all your writing taste, very exciting,
    don’t quit and keep penning as a result it simply very well worth to follow it,
    looking forward to see more of your current article content, thankx!

  15. johnsontrounsin'

    my voice cracked and I’ve already gone through puberty…I’m 20 years old now, and I can’t hit the high notes like I used to, I don’t smoke, do drugs or anything! It’s like I hit another wave of puberty, is that even possible?

    • Yes, you have to understand the mechanism by which it changes. The voice plate much like the sound board on a piano grows thicker. When it does, it changes the dynamics of the sound. It changes the shape of the instrument. So all that happened is that you went through a second growth spurt.

      Go slow and although you will never recover that beautiful treble tone again, your new voice can be just as rewarding. Learn how to find the desired notes again and remember your basics of singing. You should be able to develop a beautiful “new’ voice.

  16. Great article…I’m 15 now but I remember when my voice started changing a few years ago and I remember particularly the time before it did, I could sing soprano notes soooo powerfully and effortlessly and then this range slowly went…I could still sing up into the female mezzo-soprano range as I began to get Baritone and bass notes..but the control I had worked so hard on as a child up until that point seemed to just dissapear…but thankfully, I am more contolled than I ever was and although for some reason my falsetto voice is not existant now (I used to be able to hit some really hiigggggh notes in it), I can belt mezzo-soprano notes in chest voice and in mixed voice and head voice I can hit some soprano ones =D – and I can sing all the way down into Baritone/bass easily too =P

    However, I think many people mistake my higher range for falsetto…but I can tell (As it is my voice) that it isn’t, as it’s a completely different way of producing the sound……can anyone help me with this? Does anyone know if I will ever be able to get my falsetto back?
    My youtube account is…
    I have quite a few videos up there of me singing…few show how low I can go but most have some reasonably high (for a guy) notes =P

  17. How long does this last. Currently I’m at a point where I can barely sing anything while before this change i could hit any note with ease without even trying, while now I cant even keep to the tune of a song. I’m currently 15 years old and this change has been happening slowly for about 2 or 3 years, I feel that I am improving slowly however I’m still NOWHERE near as good as I use to be. I was just wondering how long do I have to wait until I have a stable voice again capable of carrying out a tune without hitting some bizarre and horrifyingly bad note. Also is there a chance that I wont ever be able to sing again? Finally, any tips for speeding up the process or better yet finding a way around it.
    Justin. (Sorry for the endless description)

    • Hi Justin, All good questions. I will answer them but it won’t be what you want to hear I’m afraid.

      The short answer is this, You are a unique person. Each of us are. Some go through it quickly others drudge through it. Most “Stabilize” after seven or eight months. And I say stabilize meaning that they stop squeaking. As you grow and your body produces more testosterone the voice plate will continue to thicken all throughout your puberty cycle although it will not be as rapid as it has been. It will slow. Your puberty cycle is also unique to you and your personal body clock. You can finish anywhere from 18 to 26.

      Most can sing again solidly by late in their 16th year.

      Now, shortcuts? No, sorry. Is there a chance you may never get it back? Ya, a chance. But again, you need to re-learn how to make the notes. You need to unlearn your old voice.

      For some, giving it a break for a few months is the answer.
      What can you do to make it better faster? Lots!

      First, remember that singing loud or hard is NOT something to do. Any singing during this adjustment period needs to be done softly and the songs need to be in a range that allows you to remain in the middle of your comfort zone.

      Do your scales going through all the vowel sounds stopping when the notes become difficult. Don’t push it.

      Next, get active. Spend a little more time doing physical sports. How does this help? Easy answer that. Your body is producing massive amounts of the evil hormone. It is used to build muscle mass as well as thickening your voice plate. More activity creates and uses more testosterone, lest to be diverted to your voice plate.

      Eat right. Lay off the high sugars. Return to juices, waters and teas. It is important to keep your throat hydrated.

      And most important Justin, stay positive. I know it is disheartening but if you love to sing and you sang well, I’ll just bet that you will again. Yes, you’ll miss that beautiful treble voice that you had. No it won’t come back, but your new voice can be just as special, just as beautiful and just yours.

      This is why Kings sought out treble voices, they were considered a gift from the gods. It is one of the few human conditions that can not be recreated. And each one is different, each one is special. That’s why I love to follow them and revel in the beauty of vocal prime.

      Don’t give up, just go easy. Most important of all, don’t force it or yell, scream or strain it. Or damage it permanently! Slow and easy will get you back on the stage faster and with better, quality and control.

      I hope this helped.
      Cheers and keep singing.

  18. Thank you for the quick reply. After visiting this site I decided to record my voice and I noticed some interesting things which I wasn’t aware of. When i sing a capella, i usually notice an annoying hum, but on the recording i noticed that it didnt come across at all, i also noticed that my voice breaks when i try extremely high notes and sometimes i even manage to get away with it (not that often). Could it be that most of the problems im having are all in my head coming from being an utter perfectionist when it comes to being off key etc, could it be that my voice sounds different from what I hear (I mean people tell me that i can sing, but i dont listen to them for some reason) Thank you immensely for the quick reply, there is just not enough info on the web about this stuff which is very disappointing.
    Justin (Thanks again)

    • The raspy hum makes it sound like you’ve really strained it trying to get back to those beautiful brilliance notes. I’d give it a break for a couple weeks then ease into it. But when I say give it a break, that means no loud screaming or yelling either. And water. LOTS of water. Stay away from soda and sweet drinks. Remember that you are 82% water. Teens are active and seldom rehydrate properly. Sodas actually dehydrate you. The syrupy mix, called a brix mix, has an affinity for water and binds with it actually robbing your body of the opportunity to replenish it’s number 1 ingredient. And remember that activity and water will utilize the extra stuff you are making that will give you the body you will have to live in or with for the rest of your life.

      You are the only one the sound has to please but also remember that we tend to judge ourselves more harshly than the world.

      Sing songs that you like that are slow and middle of the road so to speak. No notes too high or too low. And none, that are loud or powerful. Focus on song and scales listening to each note. Not so much the perfection of that note, but just finding it. Remember this is a whole new instrument.

      Sorry for the delay I was working in show and couldn’t respond. Feel free to ask me anything you like. Remember that I am not a doctor or professional and these things are truth as I have observed them. But I have followed the treble voice for a lot of years and started as one when I was very young.

      Once a treble, always a fan.

  19. Sorry to bother you yet again but i have tons of question
    Id just like to ask what you’d reccomend singing for me just to train my voice a bit(or at least get use to it) and maybe get out of this akward stage Thanks again

    • There are a lot of songs out there. Remember that for this part it doesn’t have to be a favorite. You are singing these songs to retrain your mind to know the muscle position(s) needed to achieve the desired notes. The quality of that note may not be achieved until your voice settles. That’s why I say don’t focus so much on the clarity of tone. Just try and locate it.

      And try not to get too down over all this. It is part of life. You are going to come back when all is said and done with a beautiful deeper and richer sound that is new, but still uniquely yours!

  20. Thank you a lot for your very well structured and helpful advice. I’m bookmarking this page should I run into any trouble. Thanks again for the work that you do,, really appreciate it,

    • Hi Justin,
      It’s been almost a year. I thought I would check back and see how you are coming along. Has your voice settled, and are you finding those rich beautiful tones yet that are all your own? I hope so. But let’s have an update.

      How are ya?

  21. So much great advice. Do you know how I can lower my larynx when singing high notes. I have been trying to do this for a while now but it always seems to raise…how long will it take for this relfex to stop/calm down? LOL
    Here is my youtube channel if you want to hear me…

    • Jonathan, First, stop smoking what ever it is you must be smoking. It moves to facilitate the production of sound. What you suggest is like loosening a guitar string to make a higher sound!

      Stop singing in front of a mirror. Stop worrying about where it is at or what position it is in.

      Read the notes above.

      Thanks for the comments.

    • Hi Jonathan,
      I just visited your Youtube site and listened to your latest posting From March. It seems you have found your way and your voice is settling nicely.

      You have a lot of talent and a great voice. Just keep doing the right stuff. Eat right and drinking water and no soft drinks or alcohol. You have a stage quality voice ahead if you take care of yourself and keep doing what you love to do. Sing!

      Good Luck!

  22. LOL thanks. I’ve just been researching and it seems a that few places recommend keeping the larynx stable while singing/as stable as possible LOL.

    • Wow, I was just going through and rereading the earlier comments and visited your channel. Your new instrument is ASTOUNDING! Absolutely gorgeous! I’m so happy for you. Well done. You’re now officially making the world a lot better place to live. And you did alright building your house too. You did it right, thanks for that. You’ve made MY world a little better too. Now I have to go back and listen some more. 😉

  23. ummmm … whe i was 12 my voice is high and i can hit high notes…… but when i turn 13 my voice gets deep …. i cant sing david cooks song ….. is there any chance that my voice can hit high notes like david cook ?

    • High Renier,
      Don’t know david Cook but chances are that you will not. The treble range is a fleeting thing of youth, that’s why I prize it and archive recordings so that the beauty of some of these voices is not forgotten.

  24. I was very worried about losing my voice and not being able to sing anymore, but with all those advice I’m not so scared about my upcoming change.
    I just wish I could still sing properly and still reach high notes. Hoping the range will open but I’ll not lose the treble range!!
    I’ve heard that Philippe Jaroussky started singing at around 18 and he’s a great counter tenor. =]

  25. Im very nervous cause i cant relly sing like i was 10 11 and 12 years when i got to 13 years i started to lose my high voice , im 14 not im playing on piano and guitar and singing i was sining a songs from toshe proeski but not very hard,i now sing perfectly from bobby andonov if you can only see her.So somebody are saying to drink eggs and and to play basket ball 🙂 . And im getting very litle better but my voice is very starting very simiral like bobby ones. Give me some suggestions what i can do.I have some rap and rnb songs .

    thanks very much 🙂

    • Forget the eggs and the football. Unless you like these things. But they will do nothing to improve your voice.

      Here is what has to happen. First, remember you are what you eat. No soft drinks. Water or juice only. Gatorade is ok. But water above all.
      Next, no screaming.
      Third, scales. Do them slow and deliberate. Focus on each note being proper. Sing softly until you notes are consistiently proper. You need to retrain your voice so it knows how to form each note.

      Last, know that your treble voice is gone. It will no longer be accessible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sing, you will just have a deeper rich and beautiful voice. Again, uniquely yours and richly beautiful.

      And be patient. this could take months or even a year or two. It depends on your dedication and your control. Meaning that you do not scream or strain your voice until it is properly trained.


  26. Im sad that my voice cannot sing highnotes allready. when im in grade six i can sing speech even for females. when im singing it, my voice looks like cracked and it rolls me down. when i go to 1st year i can sing still but my voice is having a little growl, then when i came to 3rd year – 4th year i cannot sing high speech im 15 years old, im also happy that my voice got changed but im still trying to acquire the high speech . like JOSH GROBAN , he is my favorite singer. i cannot sing allready hes song THE PRAYER Duet w/ CELINE DION

  27. Im sad that my voice cannot sing highnotes allready. when im in grade six i can sing speech even for females. when im singing it, my voice looks like cracked and it rolls me down. when i go to 1st year i can sing still but my voice is having a little growl, then when i came to 3rd year – 4th year i cannot sing high speech im 15 years old, im also happy that my voice got changed but im still trying to acquire the high speech . like JOSH GROBAN , he is my favorite singer. i cannot sing allready hes song THE PRAYER Duet w/ CELINE DION
    can i still acquire. the high speech? am i just going to wait or practise? i need reply plzzzz. im shy to sing w/ my friends because of what happened to meY_Y

    • Hello Lester.
      Your voice has changed like your body. You are no longer a little boy but now a young man. With that comes the new voice.

      Each person is different. You will probably never sing as high as you did before. Very few do. However, you can develop your new voice. While your body changes make sure you eat correct foods so your body has the fuel to grow properly. Drink much water and little sweet drinks. It will be a while until it is complete. It can continue for some to around 25. Most only until your 18th or 19th birthday. Be patient and sing in the middle of your comfort zone. Stop trying to strain your voice too high or too low. Sing only softly and never loud or screaming.

      Think of your new voice like a new instrument. You must learn again how to play it. Singing slowly and focus on quality of each note. You must retrain your muscles and lungs to apply just the right amount of force to consistently make the correct note.
      Important! Better to practice correctly once, than a thousand times wrong.

      It is important to build the body now that you want to live in for the rest of your life. Think how you want to look and sound. Then make the decision to work hard from now until you are 18 and create the body and voice you will have for the rest of your life. So for now, eat right, exercise and rest! Get good sleep. That time period is when your body repairs torn muscle and builds more muscle mass. It is good for you and good for your voice.
      I hope this helps you Lester.

  28. Hi my name is Shajne (the j is silent) I use to do alot of falsetto and some people even thought when i sang i was a girl. Sometime this week my voice changed. Now when I try to hit those high notes all that comes out is air. I can still sing in my actual voice but i cant do the falsetto any more. I dont want to strain myself but i really want to hit those high notes again. Is it possible?

    • Read my comments above. I am afraid that beautiful high voice is probably a thing of your boyhood. You are now a young man. What you were singing was not falsetto but a real treble voice. They are fleeting and should be enjoyed as long as they last. You will sing again but you have to retrain yourself with your new vocal instrument. Read my suggestions above and enjoy the next phase of your life young man.

  29. Hi bestpi! Im Sybil Almario from the Philippines… It’s just my Voice..
    i hate my voice because it thickens and kinda sounds me a trying hard when i sing now. but when i was like grade 4 my classmates was amazed on my voice and they always try to make me sing a lot (and i mean VERY LOT!) it’s just i’m kinda shy when i was that age and I’ve wasted my talent that age.. Can i Bring it back? because my voice is kinda embarrassing because when i try to sing like Justin Bieber or Greyson Chance my voice cannot be like theirs..

    More Power!

    • Hi Sybil,
      Girls, like boys produce testosterone when they start puberty. Just not in the same quantities. Still, it causes a thickening of the voice plate. In short, a matured women’s voice rather than a little girls. But the rules are the same. You have a new instrument and your body needs to relearn how to make each note. That is the first thing.

      Second, you are comparing yourself to trebles who are in vocal prime, meaning that they are at or nearing their peak treble abilities. As such they can deliver the notes we refer to as the “brilliance notes” with a timber and clarity that, with few exceptions, can not be matched in tonal quality to any female of the species. This is one reason that kings sought out treble voices and considered them a gift from god. There music though is fleeting. Once their voice changes, they will never get that timber back.

      So you have picked a very difficult if not, impossible point of comparison so don’t be to hard on yourself.

      Get with a good vocal coach. If that isn’t in the budget, get with a choir and focus on relearning to make each note correctly and don’t try for the extremes in your range. No screaming and yelling.

      Better to practice one time correctly than a thousand times wrong. Watch what you eat and drink. Lots of water and no cola or other sugary drinks.

      I suspect you can regain your wonderful voice and your friends will once again, ask you to sing.

  30. Ahmmm Thanks for the advise i’ll try to find my New Voice so i can sing a lot without them saying I’m annoying But there is some twist in my name. I know my name is sybil But! im a boy so its complicated my parents named me that. sorry for not telling you that in the first place because i Forgot but anyway Thanks A lot!

    Wish you All the best for this Site!

    • Ooops! My bad. that is what happens when you “assume” . Sorry.

      well I’m not sorry they named you Sybil, I’m sorry for my ignorance in assuming.

      Now go find that voice and learn again.

  31. hey bestpi can i give you a video of me singing? then tell me if it sucks or not..

  32. wow i’m 17 years old i seriously miss my old voice 😦 i used to sing with my older sister who played piano i could sing all the high notes, now my voice is unnaturally deep and i hate it :/

    • I know it’s something many wish they could have back, it’s one of the reasons I encourage youth to sing while they have it. But your new voice can be salvaged and with it a new and unique sound of it’s own. Enjoy your new voice and encourage your younger friends to use what they have while they have it. Once gone and it can unfortunately never come back.

  33. Tipa To Popper

    Hey Bestpi, I don’t know if you are familiar with screaming or like whatever you hear from the Scorpions, some Guns and Roses, Motley Crew, Twisted Sister and other rock bands even Audioslave.

    I used to sing these songs perfectly, I was 16 years old then, slim and tall.
    Now I am only 17, gained some weight, and I can’t even scream anymore like I did before. I could scream, but there’s nothing special with how I do it anymore.

    I cannot scream to the highest pitch that I could anymore, my voice would wobble or sound terrible.
    My scream sucks, and I can’t even reach high notes anymore, I can’t even go that low anymore.

    It’s like I lost everything. What could have happend? Is this permanent?
    It was like, I was singing these cool songs like Letters From Home and Living On A Prayer but all of a sudden, I just started sounding ordinary or un-talented… please give some time to this post of mine because singing really means a lot to me…
    Thanks if ever you do..
    Your post helped me a lot, but I just wanna know about what you think about what I have..

    • Hi Christophergoking,
      Yes, I am familiar with music that screams. Of course I am not a replacement for your family doctor but I have some speculation on the matter.
      It is possible that you have strained your vocal cords to the point of stretching them. Like any finely tuned instrument, they do not tend to stay that way when abused. Screaming definitely falls into that category. It’s science, not preference that makes me say that. And in fact, some scream music is quite enjoyable to the ear. But it is torture to the vocal chords regardless of how enjoyable it may sound.
      However, given your age, I would surmise that your voice simply changed. The plate has thickened and you are gaining your adult voice. Something we all do eventually. And it’s not overnight, it breaks, so to speak overnight but the change takes time and every person is different regarding the timeline, duration and eventual outcome.
      Sadly, I must also say that it is unlikely that you will regain the high notes that you once had. I hope you recorded them so you will have the memories.
      But don’t stop singing, but find your unique style and sound with your new voice. And treat it with a little more reverence so it stays nice and beautiful and rich. So no more screaming for you singing boy!

  34. Tipa To Popper

    Hahahaha.. Sadly I only had one record..
    It was an okay video of me singing love hurts by nazareth.. tsk, you make me worried about not getting it back but thanks a lot for finding the time and even replying right away… I tried practicing with different techniques, it helped a lot but I just cant really go that high and scream with the feeling like my throat turns oval and I sound really cool.. now im really limited..
    Im gonna try things out, anyways thanks for your help..
    youre the best haha

    • Always a pleasure. I hope it works out for you. Come back and leave some links here. Perhaps my readers will like it and leave comments too.

  35. Well, that was definitely a reassuring article. I think you just gave me some major motivation to get myself into a more active state of mind, with a healthier diet (though I’ve never been an unhealthy eater, really).

    I’m currently 14 and, before reading this article, was really worried about not regaining a good tonal quality to my voice, but at the same time I’ve come across something curious. When I was 12, nearing 13, my voice changed to a deeper tone very quickly, and I picked up a stable and, in my opinion better, voice in maybe a month. It was here that I began to form my style of singing; it uses a very wide range. I got deeply into lyrical music with varied tones- Joanna Newsom. I could sing all of her music at this point, though in a lower tone of course, with exception to a few of her highest notes. Towards the latter of my 13th year, however, my voice began to destabilize again. It grew pitchy and uncontrollable. I could no longer sing my favorite songs- I couldn’t really sing any songs. After a while though, it became stable again, with an even better and richer and exotic voice than it was before the change. I got into CocoRosie and Bjork around here (I was a few months past 14) and was able to sing both of them, though again, in a lower tone. I was able to hit all of Bjork’s screams, match many of her inflections (with a few of my own, too!) and do a great justice to Newsom and CocoRosie. I recorded myself and found that I was just as good as I sounded in my head (unfortunately didn’t keep any of my recordings), albeit a little different. I could manage my voice to fit almost any style and it really popped with my preferred songs. Now, however, it is changing again- I’m going to be 15 in late June, and it started about a month ago. I’ve been really studying my voice and here’s what seems a little odd: my range has shortened; tightened as though someone just put a stopper on a bottle, trapping all of my higher notes in but not lowering my voice at all. It was not a treble; my voice was deep before this change. I’m talking about high notes in a low pitch, here. It’s completely cut off my singing. I’ve been trying to extend my voice into my previous range (which now I realize was a BAD idea) to no avail. As the current change is progressing though, it’s as if it’s sucking away my tonal quality and talent. I can hardly pull off a single note unless it’s in the very middle of my range. This did not happen with my other two changes; they gave me a better range, this one is constricting it. Perhaps I’ve reached the lowest point my voice can go, and now all that’s left is to eliminate my higher (and perhaps more appealing) tones?

    I’m really interested to see what you have to say about this, and would thoroughly appreciate any insight into what is happening and what possible outcomes may be in my future. For now, I’m just going to exercise what little voice I have left, get out and more physically active, drink a bit more water, get a bit more sleep and hope for the best!

    Many, many thanks


  36. Oh, and one more quick question that I forgot to ask before:

    Do you think I will continue to balance out and unbalance in my singing voice like before, until I finally reach maturity?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Bret,
      Well as I have said in the past, I am not a doctor so I will speculate.
      First, let me clear something up. You have had only one change in your voice. It’s continuous and slow. When your voice breaks, it is the thickening of that vocal plate. Since we grow in spurts, I suspect that that same effect would occur in your vocal instrument. These changes can take a lot of time. Some depending of their growth rate can even run into their twenties. That is not at all unheard of. Judging by when you started and how you have described it, I don’t think it will take nearly that much time to finish.

      You may have damaged your voice by screaming and by not doing your warm ups before blasting out a few. That is what it sounds like to me by your description.

      There are other varying factors to be considered too. Sugary drinks that cause a thick coating to the throat will also make it difficult to produce consistent sound. Singers drink tons of water and fresh juices and stay away from soda completely.

      Having said that, let me continue to advise that you give your vocal instrument a break for a couple weeks. That includes yelling or talking excessively. If you are concerned about damage then see a doctor for sure.

      When you begin to practice again, focus on the mid ranges that you are comfortable with and stay away from the extremes ends for a while. Practice smart, better one time correctly than a thousand times wrong. Slow and soft, let the stretch easily and no more screaming if you want it to be beautiful again. You can scream, but just because you are able does not mean that you should. The gas pedal goes all the way to the floor but it’s not good on the vehicle and you’ll eventually pay. The same goes here. Use common sense and remember to do the scales for warm ups with the different vowel sounds.

      With luck, you’ll stabilize again with a beautiful new rich sound.
      Cheers and good luck.

  37. Hello, I cant seem to sing high or low rite now. I am a 14 year old boy who is in the process of puberty. I want my voice back. I used to be able to sing most of Dallas Green’s (City and Colour’s) songs. Now It is difficult for me to sing high and low pitches. Someone please help me. I want to be able to sing Dallas Green’s songs again. Although I understand I can never sing that high again, I want to be able to sing Dallas Green’s songs in a lower octave. My friend told me about how I can sing higher, If I raise my soft plate. Only problem is, I have no idea how to. Please help me.


    • Hi Alex,
      I’m sorry it took me so long to answer but I was traveling in Europe and just got back. You have to calm yourself for a bit, Pick songs that are in the middle of your available range and nothing forced. You want to protect your voice until it is done changing and that time varies from person to person. When you stop squeaking is probably a good indicator. Meanwhile eat right and drink loads of water. If you are serious about singing then stay away from soft drinks totally. And certainly no alcohol. Sing softly and focus on each note. Remember you will have to retrain your body in how to make the desired and available notes. BUT! It is hard to tune an instrument while constantly changing it’s size and shape. So give it a rest for a bit until you think it’s done changing. Or at least for the most part. For some it can take months and some years. It sounds like yours is progressing rapidly given your age and what you have said of it’s current condition. So don’t get discouraged.

      Having said that, there are things you should be doing to help regulate the amount of change. And again I am not a doctor and this is my own speculation but I have seen nothing to prove me wrong yet. And, it’s logical. Your body will produce testosterone in marginally set amounts. That means without a huge difference from day to day. Where it goes depends on the body’s requirements. Right now you should be working on the body you are going to live in for the rest of your adult life. In doing so, you will utilize the testosterone being produced the way it is meant and hopefully not leaving a surplus that may or may not go to thickening the voice plate. Instead using it to build bulk and muscle.

      In short, get away from the computer. Play sports, build a little bit of muscle tone and think about how you want your house to look and be as an adult. Work towards that end and everything should stay in balance.

      Remember that you are what you eat. What you eat is what your body will use to make a strong or weak frame, healthy muscle or muscle lacking tone. Eat right and stay away from junk and you will grow strong and have a healthy voice. Eat crap and you’ll reap those benefits as well. You only have until you are 18 or 19 to develop the basic building. And never lose sight of the fact that your voice is controlled by muscles and overall lung capacity. The exercise will enhance both of those attributes. Not to mention that it will please your significant other whether it be male or female it makes no difference. Both will enjoy the benefits.

      So get healthy and get happy, YOU are in control. And you deserve to be both, healthy and happy.
      I hope this helps.

    • Oh and one more thing, Your pallet can not be raised or lowered. It is fixed to the skull. And the only way to sing nearly as high as before would be in falsetto and right now I wouldn’t recommend it as you could damage your voice in doing so. And the quality will never be satisfying.


  38. Alexander Bailey

    Hello , I Really need your help . I’m an 18 yr old singer/screamer for two different bands. the past year has been a complete roller coaster and now I think I’m in trouble. my voice was fine before November, I could sing and scream amazingly. Then I was struck with Many illnesses over the winter (including a sinus infection and strep). I could not even talk right until mid-February.
    when my voice came back I probably “jumped the gun” and over did it, singing and performing all the time with little rest and exercise. On TWO occasions I remember an intense pop or possible tear in the big muscles in the neck used when singing or smiling big. 1st on the right side and then the left side. now I’m in pain everyday, can hardly sing, can’t scream anymore, and I don’t know where to go from here. 😦 what should I do? who should I see about this? because I’m really worried.

    • Hello Alexander,
      I am sorry to hear of your difficulty. Screaming is not what the vocal unit is designed to do. Surely it is capable for burst when needed. Liken unto the gas pedal of a car, it is fully capable of a burst of speed but run that way all the time and it will fall apart in time.

      You certainly need to see a medical professional. And soon. Waiting can cause damage or even render the situation uncorrectable. And learn another style if you are left with a voice to sing with. Cool has a price. Real cool has a BIG price. So either way, I would be telling the bands to find another victim because that is what you have become.

      You only get one set of vocal chords. No spares. Just like you only have one pair of eyes. You need to treat both with the respect they are due.
      Sorry I don’t have better news for you than that.

      Now get your butt to a doctor and see if you can stop the pain and maybe be left with a voice.

  39. Nice article there. Before.I’m 13 now and I was so scared if my voice will never come back to normal. But I have 1 question, Is it possible that my voice will not come back? Please answer! it bothers me a lot!

    • Hey Alwin,
      Each person is different. So is it “possible” that it won’t come back? Most certainly. HOWEVER! It depends on a lot of things. Do you take care of it or abuse it? Do you eat and drink right? Have you seen a doctor to look at it if you think something is not just right? 13 is a little earlier than most for it to break but not ALL that uncommon. Some change as early as 11. It depends on your body. When your voice breaks other things things happen to your body at the same time. It’s usually accompanied by other symptoms of puberty as well. A sudden growth spurt, body hair in places where you previously had none, a change in your muscle mass, moody or uncharacteristically short tempered. An interest in in girls or boys that illicits an uncontrolled reaction in you below the waistline or wet dreams. All normal signs that your body is changing.

      Now if your voice changed and you have no other symptoms, then perhaps you need to see your doctor. Maybe you only strained it. But here is the thing. If you were trained to sing, fall back to your training, be patient. Get active, eat right.

      I believe that everyone who loved singing before will know how to re-train their bodies to make the notes properly again. Not in the same range as before, but with a new one, unique to themselves. You might want to give it a break for a bit. Just don’t abuse it. You have a long life ahead of you. Don’t rush it.

      You’ll be alright.

      • Thanks for the advices, I can sing better now though I still can’t reach some notes, but it’s getting better by time. But there is 1 more problem, if I sing with a music (some musics that have high notes) I can’t sing normal it somehow makes my voice higher perhaps too high and make me squel.And when I try to lowered my voice it gets too low , very vry low. Why can’t I sing like when I use no music?

        Please reply any kind of advices would be helpfull thanks 🙂

      • Perhaps your ears have broke too? I can’t imagine your voice sounding different with or without unless you are not singing on key when you practice. Better to practice one time correctly than a thousand times wrong. I think you need to ask a vocal professional to help you on this one. Remember that you will not be able to sing as high as you did before your voice changed. Perhaps a different key may put the song more within your range.

        Again, I am guessing. I am not there to listen. Find a vocal coach who can help you iron out the wrinkles so to speak.
        But keep singing. Not enough of that in this grown up world.

  40. Dear bestpi, I am sorry i took so long to write to you. Thing have been improving for sure, in fact this week more then ever i seen to slowly start feeling as comfortable singing as i use to before without much vocal stress. I plan on taking vocal lessons soon to continue improving myself. I can honestly say that my voice is getting better and better and although I’m not quite at the level at which i use to be I am sure that with more practice it’s just a matter of time; after all I had my “old” voice for about 11 years to practice with so it will take some time to get as good with my new one =) I am very optimistic and look forward to regaining my full control and power hopefully after some lessons. I would like to encourage all of those who are going through what i had to go through and to tell them NOT TO GIVE UP. It took me quite a long time to realise it but singing makes me who I am, and when i tried to stop I knew I was not happy inside regardless of how I sounded when the changes started to occur. So keep strong and believe in yourself. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and after one year of posting here i can say for certain that that light is shining a bit my way =). I appologise for any typos/grammar/punctuation mistakes as I was in a BIG hurry to write this. Thanks for everything,

    • Hi Justin,
      So glad you are getting back in tune again. See, it’s just learning a new instrument. When you start leaving youtube links we’ll get to see the results of your hard work.
      So glad this helped a bit.
      Best wishes,

  41. Hi bestpi, nice article, if you didn’t have a good singing voice before your voice breaks can you have a good singing voice afterwards?

    • Yes it’s certainly possible. It’s a new instrument! But we are all different and obviously there are no guarantees. But give it a try, do it properly. Get a voice coach or join a choir someplace.

      And sing, even if it only sounds good to your ears. It moves the spirit!

      A great question, Thanks.

  42. Hello. I’m 16 years old and I am going through puberty. I currently have a normal toned voice when I speak. However when I listen to singers their, voices are typically high pitch. Does this have anything to do with them being able to sing high notes easily? I want to sing high notes but I fear that if I try I might accidentally strain my voice and I’ll never be able to sing again. People currently tell me that I have a wonderful voice. I personally know that I cannot hit high notes like Greyson Chance and Justin Bieber even though I really wish I could. I want to make a career out of singing. But I feel like I need to be able to conquer the higher notes before I should really attempt to get a record deal or pursue it dream. I plan to get singing lessons and a singing coach. Is there anyway I can broaden my vocal range and get me to be able to sing higher notes? Thanks.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Your range is your range. That is not to say that your range must include the higher notes to have a great voice. Just in a different register. Get a vocal coach and they will tell you where you can expect your range to reach. Don’t borrow trouble. Find out. That means, down assume you can’t reach the desired notes. Get a coach and talk it out with them. tell them your concerns, listen to their advice and work through it.

      You may find that you have a truly beautiful rich voice with a totally unique sound. Add that to your individual style and you might have a winner.
      No matter what, keep singing. It will only get better.
      Good luck.

  43. Why do you say that “no female of the species can match the brilliance of a boy’s treble voice?” I am a 28-year-old female who would do just about anything to get on Testosterone long enough to change my scratchy mezzo-soprano voice that “crows” when I yawn into a rich, male voice (I often wake-up sounding borderline male at the low end despite not having a cold). But while I know I cannot sing little kids’ songs like, “Walking in the Air” as dis Joseph McManners at age 11, I would like to know why you think I couldn’t have in 1994 when I myself was that age? What is so special about a boy’s voice that it “cannot be matched” by a girl his age? Why couldn’t a higher-voiced woman replicate what Billy Gilman, Aaron Carter, Declan Galbraith, and Justin Bieber sang on their debut albums?

    • Please, take no offense at the comment. there are many things women can do that men can not. But to answer your question, it is a matter of construction. And it has been so ages. kings used to comb the countryside for treble voices of great purity. Often the families were paid for them or permitted to move into the protection of the castle and given jobs. Of course then their sons where castrated to try and preserve their voice. Many died from the procedure. That is where the term “castrati” originated. And to be honest, I don’t think anyone is quite sure why. There are still many great mysteries of the world; like why a ducks quack has no echo.

      But the evidence is uncontroversial to the trained ear. The brilliance notes simply can not be duplicated. And the treble voice is one of the few conditions that can not be duplicated. It is fleeting in nature and that is why it is so important to document them when found. Lest their exceptional beauty be lost for eternity.
      Here are a couple of links for some of the best treble examples of that quality.
      Connor Borrows (Probably one of the best in the last 100 years) In this song he scales easily two full octaves.

      Or this wonderful treble Luke Ryan Beach who has one of the more beautiful treble voices right now.

      Want something more contemporary? And the boy was not even a singer. But the notes sung at 2:30 to his death at 2:38 are spectacular in this clip from the French Stage play of Spartacus. Even with Youtube’s audio crushing propensity it is obvious that young Sebastian Dubuois’ treble brilliance notes are spectacular.

      So please don’t think that it is saying boys are superior to girls. That is not what was intended at all. There are many things the female of the species can do that males can not. We both have our unique abilities and strengths. It does not make one more special or better than the other. Just different.


  44. Hi Bestpi,
    I’m 16 and am a HUGE fan of Muse. I know most of their songs on guitar, but can’t sing along due to my ‘new’ voice. It’s not that deep at all, it’s really just more mature. I’ve been told I have a naturally good voice, I could sing well when I was younger, and can still sing well now, although only medium to low. I’d like to know, is it really possible to be able to sing like Matthew Bellamy from Muse, or is it something you can only do naturally (sing and project as high as him, I mean)?

    A reply would be much appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Nathan,
      I’m often asked the question whether another person’s voice could be replicated in themselves. I’d love to just tell you yes but it is much more complicated than that. It depends on the person’s range targeted for replication and the person trying to do the replication. Each a unique creature in their own sound and style. Whether or not Muse’ range and sustainability is compatible with yours is something that only a qualified vocal coach can help you determine. And then again, remember that your voice is in change at this moment. And that is not an occurrence so much as a process. For some it can take months to settle and some years to complete. So I’m not avoiding the question, I am unable to answer it definitively. Give yourself time to settle and focus on the comfortable portion of your range.

      And of course, drink LOTS of water and little phlegm producing drinks like milk and soda. Better tea if you like it. Exercise will help your body to normalize the levels of testosterone which will help your body normalize the effects of the changes. Keep in mind also that now is when you should be looking at the house you are going to live in for the rest of your life. What do you want to look like as an adult. Focus on developing that body and the rest will fall in line. Do you want to be muscular or flabby or nicely round. Now is when your body is most capable of producing muscle mass. Now through 20’ish is when you are to create the body you will look at in the mirror for the rest of your days. Plan well, then get off your duff. Exercise will also help keep those new hormones from making you insane over little things and will also stem much depression. In short, get moving, it’s all good. Lot’s of years for video games and movies. And the more exercise you do, the fewer hormones you have in excess to effect your vocal plate. See the connection?

      On finding a vocal coach. If there are none in your area or they are a bit pricey, find a college near you with a music program and find yourself a second or third year music student. A simple request on a bulletin board should get a response. Remember to be safe doing so. Don’t post personal information. Keep it to a first name and email. You and your parents can then decide the next action to take based on the response.

      So for the immediate, focus on each note and re-teaching yourself to find the notes. Take your time and focus on soft quality and stay in the middle of your range until your voice “starts” to settle. (You stop squeaking.)

      Even if your new voice can’t do what you want to do now. Use it to make your own style. One that “others” will want to copy.

      You are special too!
      Good luck.

  45. hiii!!..
    really i was now put up such like question to yahoo answers, but no need at all i saw all the suggestions and made my mind peacefull!!!…:)

  46. What is a “voice plate”? I have been singing my whole life and teaching for a long time and I’ve never heard this phrase. Googling doesn’t turn up any results either. This whole post doesn’t quite make sense to me from my working with many changed voices and my extensive study of voice science.

    • It is a euphemism for the larynx. More accurately it is the combination of the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage as well as the muscles and other parts that make up the “voice box”. The constructs which thicken with the vocal cords during puberty. It is an analogy that represents the constructs in a manner witch is easier to understand for a young mind. You are correct in your assumption that there isn’t any singular flat plate anatomically. But just as a treble is instructed to seek the brilliance notes up high in an area that would put it in the middle of their gray matter, an area incapable of oscillating or actually producing sound, so to is the feeling of the vocal box as having a firm plate on which to focus their attention when retraining themselves to play the newly shaped instrument they are being gifted with.

      Having an understandable visual representation in their minds helps them to focus on controlling their muscles and air flow and all the things needed to produce a proper sound.

      This post was never represented as being a class on the anatomy but rather to understand why the voice changes and how to understand what is happening to cause the changes. And done so without getting too technical so as the young reader would lose the meaning in the explanation.
      I’m sorry that you felt misled. But this analogy has helped a great many to understand the understandable. And it does feel to the boy experiencing it as if it was as such. A flat resonating plate inside the voice box. (I know, I know. It’s not really a box either.)

  47. Hi!!
    I want to share my story and wanto ask for a solution!(my life depends on it)
    When I was 11 I started to be spoilt I started masturbating and did that continuously from then! After a few months I got cough and my voice damaged I thought it was normal as I was a singer and had a sensitive throat !!
    It took a week then a month and permanently it got spoilt everyone told me that my voice is cracking and advised me to stop learning music so I did!!
    A had a high pitched voice and could sing any possible song on earth whether low or high but after the change it became hoarse and low!
    I felt so demoralized but never the less music was life I stoped learning but did not stop singing!!
    Now im 14yrs !!
    After staying used to this voice I started again !!
    Everyone now says that u are good but ur voice is nasal and sounds flat!
    And I’m not able to hit high notes I struggle a lot but still cant !!
    I’m in a band and my mates are thinking of chucking me out but I wanto sing !!
    I wanto sing high and In tone !!

    It’s been 3 yrs no change!!

    HELP ME PLEASE I read ur blog Studiously as I have no friend to share! And I have u I identify to!!

  48. Hi Sumer, I really appreciate what problems you are facing right now..Now I’m 18 years old and I used to sing when I was a kid..I used to be a popular child singer in our town. But I stopped singing since I was 13, now 5 years have passed since I don’t sing out before the audience. I still practise singing occasionally, but never find any improvement since I lost my voice because of puberty when I was 13 years old.Now I think of taking a voice training to have my clear, high singing voice again..

    • Hi Oscar,
      By all means get those voice lessons. Although it is highly unlikely that your new voice will allow you to go as high as you did as a treble, that training you did back then will pay off with your new voice. Just because you can not sing as high as you once did, doesn’t mean you won’t develop a truly unique tone, texture and flavor all your own. Not the same voice but a different one.

      Play to your strengths. But never stop singing. It is fuel for the spirit.

      • Hi Bestpi,
        Thank you so much for your inspirational reply.Now I want to ask you one question. Now I think I’m a bass singer according to my vocal range, am i destined for a bass singer or can i change my voice type like countertenor,tenor or baritone.The reason that i become a bass singer is due to my lack of practise during my voice changes or it just happens to me or my voice is not fully developed and it may change its range or type in the future? Plizz help. I’m really confused!

      • Hi Oscar,
        Again, a vocal coach or music teacher would be the one to ask about your range. It varies from person to person. You could be anywhere from Jr. Brown to Ivan Ruberoff. Only a trained vocal coach can give you your answers. But let me say this. You are what you are and can not change that. So learn to make beautiful music in the range mother nature gave you.

        This is why I encourage youth to make that beautiful treble music while they can. The beauty of treble music is fleeting. And though the treble in you has gone, there remains beautiful music. So don’t stop singing. EVER!

  49. Hey,
    i love your site. Big problem here. i woke up today and my voice has gotten squeaky! it is lowering… But i have a chorus concert this weekend, so i don’t know what to do. I can’t sing like this. and if things don’t change, i will not be able to try out for my school musical! I’m really upset. I love the way i sung before, but now… uck! Any advice?

    • Hi Tim,
      Sorry you have become squeaky all of a sudden. Unfortunately that is how it happens sometimes. But because you are squeaky doesn’t mean you’ve broken yet. A lot of other things could be going on. A cold or sinus drainage could be the culprit. To know for sure it is time for a quick trip to your doctor to find out.

      I hope it is just that, but try not to be too upset. And in the theater, there are lot’s of places to work in the theater and to be part of it until your voice settles down if you have indeed broken. I started onstage myself and was pretty good but found I liked making the magic backstage better. So I did. I created special effects that were unique and that started a career for me.

      But in either case my friend. It doesn’t sound like you are going to be ready for a chorus this weekend. Even if it is just a cold. So perhaps a call to the choir director is in order. Stay well and come back and let me know how things worked out. Remember, lots of juices and water. No softdrinks, or milk type drinks that may cause phlegm and no yelling or straining your voice. And ask your mom to arrange a quick trip for a check-up to get your answers.

      Stay well.

  50. I am 14 yrs old and a few months ago, after coming home from vacation, I somehow got a beautiful, flowing, RnB voice. And I sand so much with it. But then all of a sudden, it went away and I thought it was bcuz I was sad and crying all the time.
    But NOW I know y……thnx 🙂

    • Hi Tariq,
      First, I’m glad it helped. Second, the always crying part and sad comes with the new hormones that also cause the changes in you body. to make it better, exercise a lot! Walk and eat right. You should start thinking about building the body now that you will live in for the rest of your life. Now is when you will start to build muscle mass. So bulk up and work out. You will find that not only will you be less depressed but you will find kids your own age that are doing the same in local gyms. You might even find romance! But don’t be in a hurry for that, plenty of time ahead of you. But it’s a great way to meet new people and to be noticed. It makes meeting people easier. It will also make bullies pick a softer target.

      Two more things. Smile more and stop sniffing the sharpies. lol. Be well young man. These can be some of the best days of your life. Make each one count.

  51. Hey there,

    I stumbled on this site looking for help on what is happening to my voice. I am a 16 year old singer in a rock band. My voice changed two to three months ago. I know I will never get the really high notes i used to hit when I was younger, but I cannot seem to hit ANY high notes. This has become a huge issue in the band, and lately, we’ve been having our bassist, who doesn’t even sing, sing, because he can at least hit the notes.

    When I try to sing at home, it seems that I can’t sing the simplest “higher” notes in a song. When I try to hit the higher notes, two things can happen. One, the note comes out (barely), and I’m straining my voice a lot, so I can’t hold it for long. Or two, I can hit the note for just a split second, and then my voice squeaks like crazy. This has really put me down lately, as I can’t sing any of our band’s songs without being afraid of a certain note coming up in a song.

    But that’s not the only problem. I can’t sing falsetto at a decent volume anymore. When I try to hit a higher falsetto note, I can only keep it stable at a really low volume. If I try to make it louder, the pitch will go all over the place and my voice squeaks.

    So I guess what I’m asking is: Will my range ever expand so I can be happy with my voice again? Right now it seems like I’m only half a singer, since I can only sing basically half of the notes as I used to.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jerry,
      My apologies. I did respond but I have no idea where it went. It seems to just have vanished. So let me try and recreate it here for you now.

      What you are describing is really quite typical. What you must understand though is that the voice change is not an occurrence, it’s a process. And what is happening is the your voice has not settled and you are trying to play an instrument that is constantly changing shape and your mind is still trying to make the desired notes with what it knows from the past.

      the change happens at different rates for different people. Some, just a few months, others it can take a few years. Puberty can last for some until the age of 25 I understand.

      So for your answer you’re going to have to get with a vocal coach and let them work with you a bit. They may have a better understanding of where you’re at in the process. And of course, if you think anything is amiss, see your doctor.

      But I suspect, that if you are as most others, giving your voice a rest for a few months might be the answer. I know it’s not what you want to hear. Many get through the change by changing the songs they sing to something softer and very middle of your current available range.

      But in any case, try not to strain your voice by going where you are unable to go comfortably. Practice your scales slowly and stop when it starts to fall apart. Screaming, shouting and anything that may strain the voice should be avoided until it settles. And no falsetto! That is a strain as well.

      Don’t be discouraged. Given the break, chances are you’ll be back on stage with your new voice in no time. Give the base player a chance to broaden his horizons as well. Go slow, exercise a lot, drink plenty of water.
      Best wishes.

  52. WHY I CANT sing anymore plese help im ten i try two sing but i have a voice broke in my respoeroty

    • Bud, I think that given the time of year you are probably suffering some type of respiratory distress. Like a cold or something like that. Not something permanent. It is not unheard of for a voice to crack at 10 but it is not very often. Tell your mom or dad and they will take you to a doctor to see. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure after this passes your beautiful voice will be back singing with the angels in no time. Eat right and get plenty of rest and remember! Lots of water and no sugary drinks!

  53. Sorry, but I was wondering if you didn’t see my comment three posts up.

    • Hi Jerry,
      I apologize. I have no clues what happened to the response. I do remember creating a response. I did it again above.
      Best wishes for a grand new year.

  54. Hi mr bestpi I’ve been going through voice change since summer of 7th grade and now I’m in the middle of 9th. I used to be able to hit crazy notes and now I cannot. My falsetto range and headvoice is fine because I’ve always worked on it. But I barely can sing in my chest voice . I have a little more than an octave (G#2 to D#4 What should I do? :/ and how do all these male celebrrities sing so high? Thank you for your advice

    • Hi Stephen,
      Sounds like you are well off in comparison to some transitions.Continue to practice but avoid extremes. You obviously know how to take care of your voice, continue the practice.Falsetto is always a strain on the voice, avoid it if possible. When your voice settles you will find your chest voice again.

      As to how they sing high notes, that is the instrument they have been given. One thing you’ll notice is that they sing softer songs of less extreme. They sing songs with notes they can sing confidently. Perhaps those that promote prefer those who can sing higher notes. I do not have that answer. What I can say is that each person gets what they get. You can’t alter it.

      Enjoy what you have and use it a lot. Make recordings so you have memories too. Someday you may want to play them for your child. But continue to sing, it is manna for the spirit as the word is to the soul.

  55. hey bro or lady bro, i am a singer and i used to be really good until my voice changed. i read your article and saw that you said my really good voice will come back with time. How long does this usually take?

    • HI Hankman,
      There is no pat answer. It’s like asking, “How much does a rat weigh?” Each one is different. And there are no guarantees on quality either. A lot of it depends on your genetics, your training, your behavior and diet, your exercise. there are just a lot of variables.

      BUT, having said that. The chances are that if you had a good voice before you will have one again. Until it settles, sing softer, stay hydrated and stay in the middle of your range. Practice one note at a time focusing on creating the proper sound. And if you have to force the attempt then stop. Let your voice settle a bit more. give it a couple weeks and try again. work your scales starting from the middle of you range and go both directions. Again, do not strain in your attempts.

      Everyone is different. For some it can be 3-6 months, others it can be in excess of a year. You’ll know when you are able to form and sustain a decent range competently. If you have questions or think it is taking too long then see your doctor and tell him or her your concerns. And if you have trouble retraining your new voice then find a vocal coach to help you.
      But keep singing. It makes life better.

  56. also will the quality of my new voice be the same as the old higher one?

    • I wish I had some magic there to tell you yes. Much will depend on you working to make it so. It will take some luck of the draw too.

  57. above you told me that chances are i will have a good voice again, doesnt that mean the quality will be just as good. I know it will be different but wont it be just as good?

    • No one can predict the end results, but if your voice was of quality before the change, then I would place my money on you having a quality voice when it settles.
      Regardless, worry is a worthless emotion. Be happy and get busy. Exercise will help burn off some of those hormones that are changing your body and your life. So the more you exercise, the less hormones there are to change things.

      Good luck

  58. Hello,
    For the past two years, my voice has been changing, I’m a 21 year old female. I used to sing notes that weren’t so high but they were really strong, clear and pretty. Now, I can sing higher notes but they sound a little raspy. Also, it’s hard to ‘relax’ my throat while I’m singing now. Any advice?

    • Hi Kilayle,
      Women go through a change as well and although the change to the voice is not usually as severe, it does happen. Each person is unique. From what little information I have in your message, I can offer only this. Don’t strain your voice. Yelling can damage it, both temporarily and permanently. Other things can affect your voice as well. Smoking, sugary drinks etc. Drink lots of water and practice your scales and other vocal exercises. Stay away from caffeinated drinks and the such.
      As for relaxing your throat. It is important to warm up adequately before you perform. walking in cold and picking up a piece of music and belting it out there does not allow for your muscles to be in the proper condition. So many choirs don’t do warm ups. And it is so very important. If you do ten or fifteen minutes of warm up exercises I think you will notice a dramatic difference in your tonal quality.

      Find a vocal coach for a more definitive answer about your range and capabilities and of course, check with your doctor to see if you may have damaged damaged something.

      Good luck and keep singing!

      I wish I could give more advice

  59. Hello bestpi, my name is James and I am 17 years old
    I was wondering when you say, you have to practise/treat with care from when your voice started breaking to the age of 18, so that afterwards when you turn 18 your voice will become whatever it sounded like right before the age of 18.
    The reason is because, I stopped singing for 1 year straight and withing that time, my voice has deepened. I would say my voice type is a baritone withing the past 3 years as it got deeper as i assume. My voice started breaking a few months before i turned 13.
    But my question is, after your voice fully develops after the age of 18, is it possible to still extend my voice range or will it just stay like that forever?

    And also will vocal lessons help me, as i still sound nasaly and flat?

    • Hi James,
      I think you may have misinterpreted what I said. Once your voice breaks you will never have that high range again. It’s gone. That’s why the treble voice is so unique. Your range will depend on your new instrument and how well you learn to tune it and play it. It will also depend on your body and how it matures.

      What I said that I think you misunderstood is that if you had a “quality” voice prior then chances are you will have one [a quality voice] again. That is because you had learned technique and how to sing. After the change, those skills will help you get the most out of it again.

      As for sounding nasal, that is common and most often is because you have not learned your range and how to make your new notes. So yes, a vocal coach should be able to help you get the most out of your adult voice. And just as a matter of information, 18 is not a magic number. Some boys continue to evolve until they are in their mid 20’s. Each person is different.

      So get a coach and keep singing.

      • Thank you for the advice dude! But I have one more question I forgot mention.
        Within that 1 year rest afterwards I started gettig back to singing not long ago. I noticed that some of my high notes, well high notes for me that (baritone voice type) , I can’t reach them anymore. Is this because what you said about the vocal plate thickening? And should I do vocal scales because I heard it can extend your range, but takes time. Could i also hum queitly through the lower and higher scale?

        Also I will take better care of my voice from now on, as before-hand within my young teenage years I loved drinkng soft drinks, tea, milk and eating crisps and sweets. I will drink more herbal tea and juices from now on! Cheers 🙂

  60. Scales and other vocal exercises can indeed help you gain some range. And yes, although there is no real vocal plate, it’s an analogy I use to make it easier to understand. But yes, the thickening of the different vocal components mad your voice a new instrument. And like any instrument, you have to learn to tune it before you can play it properly.

    Good luck my friend

  61. I am 68. I sang a lot when I was younger, then went for about 10 years singing little to none. For several years I have been trying to again but cannot get the clear vibratto (spelling?) that I once could. Sometimes my voice breaks or growls. I went to to an ear, nose & throat specialist. He looked at my vocal cords with something he ran through my nose. He said I did not have nodules, my cords were still “plumped up” (older people sometimes flatten out, he said). He said the bad news was that over the years mucus had attached itself to the vocal cords and there was little that could be done. He said it made me sound like I had nodules. He said saline might help, but he didn’t know. What can I do? I tried gargling with diluted vinegar and it seemed to help some—well, it cleans my coffee pot of deposits!

    • Hello Joan,
      The best advice I can give is that you drink lots of fruit juices. Cranberry is a a good one. You may also get some throat coat tea. aka slippery elm bark. I have see singers blow out their voice drink a cup of this stuff and go back at it and finish a set. It has a very good cleansing effect. You can get it at most grocery stores or heath food stores.

      Work from your basics. scales and other vocal exercises. Lat off milk products and sugary drinks and not just when you are going to sing. All the time. Teas and water and lots of them both. Get with a vocal coach if you can and they can perhaps help you revive that voice.

      But don’t stop singing.

      The up side is that I think you’re safely out of that pesky puberty cycle. lol
      0.o Or do you get to go through it again in your second childhood? 😉
      Good luck and best wishes.

  62. By the way, I once had a 3 octive range (I guess, I could reach the same note in 4 octives, wouldn’t that be a 3 octive range?) I have also lost a lot of range.

  63. Hello Bestpi,
    I seem to have a sort of different case here.
    Like everyone else above,
    I too have faced the same problems, being a singer.(and still am facing them)
    Constant depression, Loss of self-confidence, A very inaudible voice.
    What made it worse is the fact that singing was the only thing that I was good at which people in my society considered important.

    But here’s the weird part,
    Where I live (India), they always say you can sing again easily after you voice breaks; even I have observed it among my friends and relatives too.
    Most people don’t consider the breaking a big problem at all.
    They get back their voice within a few months, Maximum 1 year (or so the doctors say, I have never seen such a case other than mine).
    They all have a full vocal range
    Even people who never sang before can learn to sing easily.
    I am sort of like a rare case for them.
    I’m starting to wonder if it has anything to do with the Indian genetics itself (it is possible).

    OK now, coming back from the weird part,
    Here’s another problem.
    There are no professional voice coaches or anything that can teach you to train your voice after it breaks.
    I was just learning classical indian carnatic music from a music teacher since the age of 10.
    So although I may have control over my voice,
    I have no clue of the terms used in western music
    It’s hard to learn it, like unlearning a primary language and learning another one.

    But now,
    I feel like classical has just wasted my time.
    People used to tell me I sing english songs much better.
    I had a great sense of tune and rhythm (something not there with common singers in India).
    I kept thinking my voice would come back.
    But then eventually gave up thinking it was just my bad luck (which I seem to have a lot of)
    I kept googling for help, and couldn’t come up with anything useful.
    But after I found your site, I got encouraged by the fact that it was normal in other places and that you could tune your voice again.
    I followed your tips and they seem to be very helpful.
    I stumbled upon this page yesterday,
    and practiced in school
    and I was already singing some of the range that I used to sing in falsetto in my normal voice within a few hours!
    But then that voice lasts only for only 1-2 days before going back to falsetto again.
    This has already happened before naturally
    What do I do to keep it in that way that way ?!
    It’s like tuning a guitar and then the tightness lasts only for some time before becoming out of tune again.
    And also my throat hurts(even if I drink a lot of water) when i sing in higher pitch in my natural voice

    Anyway, Thank you.
    Your article really helped me out a LOT.

    (Voice started breaking – approx. 13.7 years of age)
    (Current age – 15)
    (Never stopped singing for that one year)
    (Seem to have juiced my treble voice to it’s last drop)
    (Resorted to rapping (aggressive-eminem type) after I lost my voice)
    (Have a small vocal range)(can’t sing low pitch in tune)

    • Hello Nischal and thank you for leaving a note.

      First, I have to confess to knowing that much about Indian styles of classical music, I’ll have to work on correcting that in the future.

      Now, as for your situation. Each person is different. Each one has their own body clock. Some take longer than others. And remember, your voice breaking is a process, not an occurrence. That means it is gradual not like a light switch, in one position this moment and then in a completed different position the next. And 15 is about the right age for this to all happen. And you will have a small or smaller range until it completes.

      So the answer is as I have said many times, be active and focus on building the body you will live in as an adult. Now is the time to focus on that. Doing so will help keep the body in tune.

      If you have a university of music around you can usually find a music student that can help you with vocal exercises. Work your scales but not to the extreme ends. Stay where you are comfortable moving out slowly both directions. Focus on each note. Stay away from your treble range or falsetto. That strains the voice. Pick slower songs that are in the middle of your range.

      Keep drinking water and juices. And get active. Dance, play sports even if you aren’t good at them. have fun. Take walks. but do something active. That’s important.

      Now, for the depression. That is common as well when your body is suddenly slammed with all these new hormones. Besides the differences in your body physically you will develop urges and moods that are completely foreign to you. That is common. Depression is part of that. Being active will help in that area as well. A little depression is normal but again, everybody’s body is different. and everybody responds to the new hormones differently as well. If you find your depression is a lot the see your doctor and tell them about it. If you feel like you want to hurt yourself then talk to someone about it as well. Remember that it is a temporary condition and tomorrow is another day. If it is a constant or ongoing depression it might be a chemical imbalance in your bodies new hormone production and perhaps a short term course of medications can help balance things out until your body starts producing the right stuff.

      As for being able to do “only” singing. I doubt that at all. You sound like an intelligent young man. You can do anything you put your mind to. ANYTHING. So explore different possibilities.

      One more thing. At this age your sexual presence begins to develop. For some it is for the opposite sex and for some it is the same. Both are normal. Opting for the same has fewer numbers so it is not “thee” norm. But it is normal. It’s like being left handed. It’s normal but there are less left handed people so it’s not “thee” norm. And you are what you are. You are born straight or gay. Which ever you are , get happy. You’re ok.

      Being gay is not always accepted in all societies so be aware of your own circumstances if that becomes an issue for you. And I am certainly not suggestion you are one way or another. I’m merely stating what commonly happens. And figuring it out can certainly cause depression as well.

      But in all cases, be happy and be patient! You’re going to be alright. Life gets better so don’t panic.
      I’m here if you need to talk.


  64. Thank you Bestpi.
    It already lightened my spirits just by knowing I can work on it and tune my voice.
    What’s all this nonsense about being gay?!
    I never said anything about being gay.

    I just said Singing is the only talent of mine that was appreciated in my society out of my many others talents like rapping, beatboxing, origami, computer geekiness, hacking, tap dancing, etc..

    And is it okay to rap aggressively as in loud-ish type of rapping
    like the type eminem does?

    • LOL, didn’t say anything about you being or not. Do you think you are the only one to read these? The answers are not only for you. 🙂 But you did say you were depressed. Puberty also means developing your inner self.
      And you DID use the words “geekyness, origami, computer and tap dancing” all in the same sentence referring to yourself!

      ROTFLMAO Sorry I couldn’t resist. None of those things mean gay. Just busting your chops. Gays and straight come in all sizes, shapes, colors and talents. And so what if you were. You say it like its a bad thing. Just don’t get depressed over your sexuality, even if you’re disappointed over being straight.
      (God I love this job! lol)

      There are some vocal coaches that work via the internet. I know a young lad that worked with one in Australia for a while. But they generally don’t come terribly cheap. As for video online, no clues. Sounds like you have some research to do.

      The type of music isn’t really important as to good or bad. But no yelling. That can stretch things a bit. So rap on but do it gently! (Can you do that? Rap quietly?)

  65. And also there are no music universities or anyone who could help me with vocal exercises
    Are there any videos on youtube that can help me?

  66. Yup, I can.
    Just asking
    and there’s no way I’m disappointed abt being straight!!!

  67. Hi again bestpi =D its been a long road ever since my voice broke and i posted on here for the first time and I can finally say that you were right 100%, i can once again sing with the best of them!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever feel i would be able to sing with the control I use to have when I was younger but I was wrong. It was not easy, it took so many attempts and failures and repetitions but it all payed off! To those of you who seem to have lost your hope I encourage you to keep trying! Don’t let other people get you down about the way you currently sound, you are currently in your cocoon stage and as soona s you emerge into the beautiful butterfly that you truly are people will wonder if there was anything wrong with your singing in the first place. Speaking personally, I learnt a great deal of personal tips and tricks which have helped me to regain my confiderce,power, control and even range. I am quite astonished at the fact that my range can still go up to my pre-puberty voice whilst also adding the low sweet vibrato brought about during this change =D I am literraly amazed. Although I managed to do this on my own, if anyone can afford vocal lessons I would suggest you attend as I will be doing shortly. Rant over but one final piece of advice… you CAN be as good as you once were and I am the perfect example as I went from barely being able to carry a tune to the state I am in now just KEEP TRYING and be DETERMINED.

    Thanks for your Help,


  68. im a girl…n my voice broke….so wat does it mean? im 1000% sure its not cuz of puberty…my voice broke after i.tried the song over n over. my q. is, wud i b able to get it bck?

    • Well in the context it is used here, puberty is the only cause but girls voices do not break as such.
      It sounds to me like you have strained it severely. If it has affected your speaking voice or is painful then you should see your doctor about it. If it is simply that you strained it, then a period of non-abuse is in order. And if you do not learn from the mistake then you will be bound to suffer from it. So in short, if it hurts to do something then don’t do it. You expressed a knowledge of the fact that you “knew” it was damaging when you said, I know what did it and then said it was the repeated singing of a song. This tells me that you were aware it was too loud, too out of your range or too “something”. You sound old enough to know better.

      So take control of your life in this regard and take better care of yourself and your voice if it is important to you. OK?
      So take a break and heal up. See a doctor if things don’t improve or worsen and by all means, pick another song.
      I hate ending a reply with anything but, “Keep Singing” but it seems this would be inappropriate at this point.
      So be well and “listen to music” until you can sing it again.

  69. hi bestpi, i have read your article and your comments for other voice breakers like myself and you always say to take it slow and to try and retrain your voice. i am in a choir and it is not an option to sing softer and deeper when i have to match the tenor range. so i have been singing for about 6 months with the choir during my voice change. does my good voice have a chance of coming back if i never retrained it properly but just continued to sing as i normally do through the change? im like really scared/depressed/overwhelmed/anxious/hopelss.

    Please write back, Henry

    • Hello Henry,
      Of course it does. The problem with continuing is that you are chasing your tail trying to stay on pitch or stay in key with an instrument that is constantly changing. And in chasing it you develop bad habits like sliding to try and find the right note. You also tend to strain it and when you do that you, once again have changed the dynamics of your instrument. If you are singing middle of the road for you and you are doing it comfortably then you are fine. If you are trying to belt it out and in the process are dragging your neighbor off key as well then you are doing the choir you love a disservice. Better you should take a few months off and see if it settles in that time. Each person is different.

      You can’t do the job justice is you can’t play the instrument competently. There are other ways to help with the choir to stay in it and fellowship, it’s not like you are doomed and done. Just take it easy and talk to your choir director. I’ll bet he or she can help you come to a reasonable and healthy path. Just be honest. They know you love to sing, love to experience the camaraderie of coming. And it may be something as simple as passing out music or refreshments. But it keeps you in it and you will be respected for doing what you need to do to retain a top quality voice. And your choir director will appreciate the help. Those seemingly mundane tasks take a lot of valuable time from your already overtaxed director.

      But the answer to your question is yes, you can get your beautiful “new” voice. Just don’t push your luck. I’m guessing that because of your search you are having some problems. Talk to your director and to your doctor if you are really concerned. And take care of it now. Drink lots of water and juices. No sodas. You know the drill.

      Take a break so you can keep making beautiful music.

  70. Also my voice started changing in the spring of 8th grade and Im in the spring of my sophomore year. I still cant go higher than a G possibly G# on a good day. when i go up that high it feels like someone is clenching my throat with their hand. am i almost done with this phase? I still feel like im not as good as i was. when will i be able to tell that im a good singer again? i am definitely better then i was over the summer but i feel like i am still not as good as i used to be.

    Let me know,

    • Generally Henry, your new voice will be deeper. The treble voice will not return. That is part of what makes it so unique. It is only with us for a short time. This may BE your new voice. As for being as good as you used to be. There is no reason your technique and teachings won’t put you back where you want to be. Just keep practicing when you start to sing again.

      Good luck.

  71. YOur advice I have read in email, pertain to men. I do not have testosterone (spelling?) issues. I will say that I got some good advice after the first comment I made on here several weeks ago. The nice thing about this site is that so many people seem to have made recoveries. I talk ALL DAY as a second grade teacher. I have been a life-long “yeller” when I am upset or want to get a child’s attention (my own or school children out of control). Many teachers use loud whistles which has the same deafening effect, but I tend to yell out, “Quiet!” Everyday I tell myself I will not raise my voice, but each day I do. I am retiring this month. Do any of you know how long I will have to rest my voice to get rid of the growly sound and breaking AND get back some vibrata?

    • Hi Joan,
      Since this site deals mostly with the treble voice breaking I am not going to be much help I’m afraid. If you have been yelling for a number of years then I suggest you check with your doctor and see if you may have some permanent damage.
      Follow the recommendations regarding drinks and kick back for a while. You deserve it. Second graders can be brutal. lol but it’s a great age to watch blossom. Everything is a new experience to them.
      Good luck.

  72. I can still sing the really really high notes I think it is my falsetto but I can’t tell I want to sing those notes and I can but I hit a section of like ten or so notes that I can’t hit at all. I just skip and hit the note 11 higher. Please explain and how I can hit those ten or do notes

    • Hi Mcbearcat,
      Not knowing your age it is hard to say. But you are talking about more than an octave. So I would have to say at a guess that you are indeed using a falsetto and that it is unlikely that you will gain control over the rest. A good vocal coach can tell you for sure and that is where I would begin. Remember that using a falsetto voice can strain your vocal chords and is not recommended. But find a good vocal coach and check it out. You may find a golden voice as a result.

      Keep singing and good luck

  73. I was about to give up singing but then i read your article and it really gave me the confidence to practice. I thought my career of singing has ended after i broke my voice. All i wanna say is thank you for sharing this article, cuz without knowing i could have just give up.

    • Hi Mirul,
      I’m so glad it gave you the confidence to keep going. I know its really frustrating when your voice breaks. All those beautiful treble notes left unsung. But it’s not over until its over as they say. Keep singing. I’m a firm believer that every voice that shares notes with the world makes it a more beautiful and peaceful place. I wish our leaders would learn that. Its hard to make a war when you are singing!

      Stay happy and find that new voice. And KEEP SINGING!

  74. heyy..
    i m 21.i m not able to sing high notes at all which i used to sing a couple of years back….i even practice regularly..i cant even sing songs of medium high range….i dont know whats happening to me….my voice starts to crack when i go on high notes…its quite depressing…..i m quite good on low and medium notes…..but m not able to even touch the high notes…plz help me…i will be truly thankful to you….

    • Well my friend, welcome to your new voice. Stop trying to sing those high notes anymore and start training your new lower voice. It’s time for that. You may find that you have unique qualities to your new voice. Different, but uniquely your own sound. At 21, I am sure you expected this, so accept it and move on. But make sure you still sing. You will find rewards in your new voice as well. I promise.

  75. you mean that i cant sing higher anymore???

  76. Well I can’t say for sure because I can not hear you but my guess would be that the higher notes are indeed gone. That is the nature of it. But to be sure, see a vocal coach. They can help you find your new range. But relax, your new voice will be yours as well. Embrace the change and keep singing.

  77. hey, i’m 13 and i used to have this amazing voice. i really loved it but as i grew i decided i didnt want to be a singer anymore and i’ve since set my sights on teaching. i still sing when i’m alone and until a couple of days ago i sounded pretty good. now i cant hit the high or low notes, just above the middle. i’ve noticed that when i talk my voice gots deeper but i dont know if its just because i’ve put on weight since coming to secondary school because they have these horrid greasy food i used to eat till i found a hair in one and started have sandwiches instead.
    anywho, i now sound terrible, and when i sing i just crackle and cant sing the songs that won me competions in the primary school days, especially as i like to write books and songs, but if i can’t sing them, i don’t know how they’ll sound.i’m trying to train my new voice by singing the same notes over, my throat just gets clogged and i get out of breath (i’m not asthmatic,by the way) then i can usually hum the notes i want but when i try to put words to the music it just goes all gobedeglookish. i really like my heart will go on (titanic) and i was gonna sing it for an auditen at school but now i cant when i used to do it pretty awesomely with my little brother. also, i can only sing well when it’s deeper, even though high used to be my thing and now i just dont feel what i’m singing. on top of that, even when i COULD sing, i came out rubbish if i’m recorded, so i couldn’t have been a singer anyways because live shows would be great but the albums would be terrible.

  78. ps i foregot to mention i’m a girl so i guessed i shouldnt break my voice and if we do how come peeps like celin dion dont and keep voices that work with these songs?

    • Well being a girl changes a lot. Girls voice doesn’t break. So what you need to do is to get back to basics. Work one note at a time trying to form your sound as exact as you can. Don’t worry about volume or intensity, work on relearning how to make each sound. The other thing you need to do it to eat and drink properly. No sugary drinks. Remember that you are what you eat. So start eating properly.Practice properly and if you are serious about singing then get a good vocal coah so you may get the most out of your gift and good luck!

  79. OK i will see to it….and thanx for replying.i really appreciate it.

    • Sorry, I’ve been traveling. You can still sing but you need to focus on songs with a lower scale. Chances are that the high notes, for you, are gone. Good luck and keep singing.

  80. You have so many good advice , can u please lend me some? Im 14 My problem is that one day I can hit high notes and the other day I’m struggling to hit it, it’s like my voice goes on and off all the time , and all the time im insecure of singing, and it’s frustrating cuz my voice sometimes is unpredictable , is it because I try to hard or is it my voice is limited? Take care

    • At 14 your voice is probably changing. You are probably getting the voice of a young man, its time for that to happen. If your speaking voice squeaks sometimes then that is a good sign of what is happening. That along with a lot of other changes to your body. Puberty changes everything. Some things quicker than others and no two people change the same.
      Having said that, young men all change in their voices differently as well. Some can continue to sing and just have to shorten their range so that what they sing remains in the center or the “safe zone” where they can still make notes competently and confidently. Others have to give their voices a rest and let them settle. Each person is different and you will have to decide where you are in the range of possibilities. You can check with your family physician and your choir director or vocal coach.
      But what is happening sounds, because of your age and the information you’ve given, like there is nothing wrong. It’s just that you’re growing up. So embrace the change and become the best you that you can be. Start building the house you want to live in for the rest of your life. Build some muscle and get active. It will help burn off some of those extra hormones. It’s all connected. So start getting active and eating right, you’ll thank yourself for the extra effort now, for the rest of your life.

  81. Thanks so much! Oh and by the way I’m a girl,, hehe,, can I ask one last? I’m trying to learn new tricks in singing like growling and stuff but ended up with less successful results,, is it because of age? Should I go slow? Ty so much for your time

    • Well being a girl changes a lot. Girls voice doesn’t break. So what you need to do is to get back to basics. Work one note at a time trying to form your sound as exact as you can. Don’t worry about volume or intensity, work on relearning how to make each sound. The other thing you need to do it to eat and drink properly. No sugary drinks. Remember that you are what you eat. So start eating properly.Practice properly and if you are serious about singing then get a good vocal coach so you may get the most out of your gift and good luck!

  82. Hi !Thank you so much for the helpful and early replies!! Their awesome
    Take care

  83. lol, you told her the same thing you told me. god bless copy and paste.

    • Yes well it did fit. I realize there are a lot of comments here but most would find their answers by simply reading what has been said earlier. And generally this topic isn’t searched for or consulted because girls voices don’t break. So that is why I read with the assumption that the writer is male.
      Silly I know, to “assume” but given the topic . . .

  84. I’m 13 and my voice began cracking around a month ago. I used to be a pretty good singer (I think) but right before a rehearsal I realized that couldn’t hit the notes I used to be able to hit.
    with your advice I will try to train my new voice better.
    thank whoever you are

    • You’re Welcome. 🙂 I suspect you’ll have a delightful new voice when it settles. You sound like a young man with conviction, determination and smarts. Remember that if it starts to get frustrating, give it a break for a bit. Work on that house you’re going to live in for the rest of your life. Make it a good one. Swim, play football, soccer, tennis, run, lift weights. Anything to utilize that extra testosterone. Give your body good fuel so it can build bone and muscle correctly. You do this and you will find your life getting in step with where you want it to be. And your new voice will be there just right to please you and to please others as well.

  85. In this article you talk about not hitting certain notes. However, at the age of late 14, early 15, when my voice broke, I found that my entire voice had seemed to disappear. I would say that my voice was probably better than average, and had been complimented on my voice on several occasions. I find it very frustrating that now my voice comes out quietly, squeaky or out of tune, or sometimes not at all, at all pitches. I always feel as if I’m really starining to get out the notes, but nothing of any quality ever comes. I have never sung seriously, been in a choir or had singing lessons, but it is quite upsetting to feel that you have lost one of your talents. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with my problem – is it a permanent change? I realise I won’t be able to hit the higher notes any more, but will I be able to sing again at all?

    Thank you, from Danny

  86. By the way, I am 15 years old now.

    • Hi Danny,
      I know how frustrating it is. Let me say this. At 15 you may not be done changing. It occurs at different rates for different people. It is seldom gone for good BUT it will be different, deeper. For some, very much deeper. And it will take as long as it takes unfortunately. There are some things you can do to help things along though. Some athletic activities will help a lot. If your body is using the extra testosterone to build muscle then it has less to mess with your voice. At least that’s my theory. And to build muscle mass you need to eat “correctly” so your body has fuel to build muscle from. Those two things will help you along the way greatly. And the last ingredient is water. You need to drink lots.

      If and when you are doing that, then you need to focus on relearning the notes. Remember that you are trying for an octave or two lower than you were most likely. Focus on a single note and do it quietly monitor your range and expand it slowly when you are able. Don’t scream anything. Its hard enough to learn a new instrument when you are constantly stretching the strings. I know that when you are so young it is very difficult to be patient. A year is forever. A day is too long. But don’t lose hope and stay the course. Continue to eat right and exercise and your system will mellow out and you’ll have a lot less to deal with.

      YOU are in control of your life and your body. You now have choices to make. Can you make those changes in your life or are you going to give in to your youth? The choices and control are in YOUR hands. Do whats right for your body and the rest will fall into place.
      Good luck and stop back and tell me how you make out my friend.

  87. Thank you very much, I appreciate you taking out time to see to my concerns. I like to keep fit and I have been planning to start exercising and building up more as part of a ‘Back to School’ resolution – a new start all round. I’ll also keep at work with finding my voice, along with the inevitable waiting game as I grow and change.

    • Awesome! You have the right mindset. And I think you’ll like the house you build for yourself and the one you will ultimately pick to be your other half as a side effect.

      Be well Danny and keep singing, but softly for now..

  88. Hi everyone. I have a problem with head voice and falsetto. i used to hit them perfectly. but for a few days i had laryngitis because i inhaled a lot of smoke (not by smoking) and i rested my voice for a while. but now when ever i try to hit high notes above b5 the notes sound like their airy or they don’t come out at all, sometimes i just skip to whistle register, is this permanent or temporary, and i’m a 16 year old boy,

    • Hi Antonio. That is a question for your family physician to answer and he or she should. If your voice was affected that much by smoke then you should certainly see your doctor and soon. Waiting could cause more problems if left untreated. I wish I had an answer for you.
      be well.

      • Antonio_Wazowski

        the thing is. i got back my voice and i can sing fine its just the head voice and falsetto. 😦 i miss them,

  89. Hi if I am A young Teen And My Voice Ic Changing When it Is Low Am I Still Able To Sing At a High Soprano Range

    • Hi Eli,
      I don’t have an answer for you. Everyone changes at different rates and different ways. You would have a better guess. Try and if the notes aren’t there then don’t try and force them. Just because your voice is lower for this moment does not necessarily mean that your voice is changing. Your age has a lot to do with it but again, everyone in their own time. Take care of your voice, no screaming or shouting. Check it again in a few days. Lots of water and fruit Juices, no sugary drinks or sodas. I hope this information helps you.

  90. Hi there,
    Does this ever happen to anyone at 38? I could sing very well almost any note/song I wanted but I was out of commission for 8 months with a collapsed lung and now I can sing lower, ex sing in G major now in E, but can not sing ANY of my old higher note songs at ll. I just squeak and sound horrible. I went to an ENT and they said I had excess mucus and to use a nasal rinse, which I do now, but still can’t sing the high notes. It’s so maddening that I want to cry. This song I wrote I can NEVER even try now 😦
    Will it ever come back?

    • You’ve changed your instrument again. A collapsed lung is pretty serious. Glad you are recovering.
      Its possible that this change may not give you back your complete range. I don’t know. But perhaps you might consider finding a voice that will compliment your work. Or rework it to fit your own new range. Either way you can still find joy in singing and writing and composing.
      Good luck my friend.

  91. Thank you very much for your advice. I’ll never give up! 🙂

  92. Hey bestpi, interesting article, and intuitive points. The thing is, I’m 18 and and had my voice broken since about 16-17, yet I never really had a problem hitting higher notes. Like last summer till October I could hit the highest points of thinking about you by Frank Ocean(as a falsetto, of course). I may have.. ahem… inhaled and added a few substances to my diet I shouldn’t have, but have stopped recently. IS there any way I’ll get it back?I mean I’m pretty sure the strain was not caused by the thickness of adolescence, but the experimenting that comes with being an adolescent. Or is this something I should ask the doctor?

    • Hi Ryan,
      Contrary to popular belief, puberty is not a quick, over in a year or two kind of thing. Puberty lasts through 25 in some people. The changes are not always in a particular order either or all at once. A little here, a little there. Everyone is different. So it could be that your voice has just changed a bit more. There are no real rules on how it happens.

      There id of course the possibility that what ever you added to your diet *ahem* could have damaged your vocal cords and that can only be diagnosed by your doctor.
      But if it tuns out you can no longer hit those high notes, don’t let it keep you from singing. You deserve to be happy and it sounds like making music is how you like to do it.
      Good luck.

  93. Learn to trust your gut more Ryan. You sound like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders . . . now. 😉

    • Singigng is my passion. I could do anything just to sing. It is not about fame and fortune it is about music in me. I can’t sing, I record myself sometimes and playback, sounds awful. I download videos from seth riggs and some other black duy I forgot his name. Not helping, is there hope?

      • Hi Tabz,
        Much depends on your talent, determination and pitch. If you had a good voice before your voice changed then you can most likely have one again after. Just not in the same range. I AM assuming here that you are male and have entered that mystical time of life where your body is changing. If those assumptions are correct then you need to watch what you eat and practice. Remember to sing softly so as not to strain your voice. Stick to songs in the middle of your range and don’t push it. Patience is tough. I know. If you could just have it right now! Right?

        Relax, let things settle if its just started. And when you stop squeaking when you talk, its time to start learning the new instrument you’ve been gifted with. Follow the good habits you know you should be doing and work on your body and the physical house you intend to live in for the rest of your life. It’ll come back to you.

        Good luck and keep singing.

      • Oh, and nobody likes the sound of their voice recorded. lol, so don’t worry so much. Just keep singing.

  94. I’m new to singing. I just reliezed, I’m good at singing the blues. I play guitar also. And I’m in a band. I sang a Rolling Stones song in my band, and I think something bad happened to my voice. I can’t sing a certian pitch of a high C# anymore. I still have a really good voice but I’m worried that I’ll be limited becuase of this. I am 17. ive already gone through puberty. so puberty isnt whats causing this. What should I do. Will I get this ability back.

    • Hi Colin,
      I understand your frustration. It’s one of the reasons I wrote this blog. Let me explain something to start with. Puberty is a process, not an event. It begins anywhere between 10 and 14 years of age as an average. There ARE exceptions of course. But here’s the part that most don’t get, it continues slowly until your mid twenties! And is so slow in some areas that you don’t notice until something is dramatically different. Like a missing note or part of a range. Or you’ll suddenly perhaps notice that your features suddenly look more chiseled, or you’ve got more body carpet than you did seemingly yesterday. The point is that you’re 17 and your voice changed a long while back. But it probably hasn’t finished. And it’s expected that your range will shift downward. That’s normal. And hey, the blues sounds better in a lower range anyways. 😉

      Having said that, if the issue is just a sometimes thing and you’re able to hit the notes on either side of your difficult ones, then it may also be your diet. Sugary drinks or dairy products create a phlegm, as do some allergies. So drink lots of water, LOTS OF WATER and eliminate sugary drinks and dairy drinks. See if that helps. Every person is unique. There is no set way or time that puberty affects us. But keep on singing! It’s food for the spirit.

      If you have any soreness or you think there may be something wrong then by all means, see your doctor! Don’t take chances with your health.

  95. Never mind. False alarm. I can still sing that high C#. it was just a conjested throught. I drank some hot tea. And now the problem is fixed. I could still use some advice about how to keep this from happening again.

    • You are what you consume. Stay away from sugary drinks and Dairy. And lots and lots of water. We don’t drink near enough of it. Your body is 82% water. You need to replenish it as fast as you sweat it out or it evaporates by breathing. It’s crucial to your singing health as well as your physical health. 6-8 12 ounce glasses per day. It’ll make a difference.

      If you’ve eliminated those things and the problem occurs again, see your doctor about allergies. That would be my next guess as the guilty culprit.

      • Most of the songs I like are really really high pitched, some are even that hard for women to sing them… Like “Just give me a reason” by Pink, or Imagine by John Lennon (some notes, however). I wish I could sing at least at a mid-high pitched tone, not that high…(I am male). I feel pretty frustrated with myself because I properly know what I should do but my voices doesn’t go along with my intention. I play piano for about 8 years and, though I can play some songs I want, I musta find another one to sing it for me, cus my low-deep-crappy voice lacks of expressivity if I change the song’s original key. I can reach some really high notes in my falsetto and head voice but weakness remains largely in these last two registers of mine. What I’m supposed to do? Give up singing (I definitely love singing). But lowering the song 3 keys below is just awful for me. It’s like I am a total fail. It doesn’t sound the same. I’m pretty pretty frustrated about what nature gave to me.

        P.S: I am not really sure if I’m a baritone or a bad-trained-tenor.

      • I know what its like to have a beautifully high crisp voice and then to lose it. It’s a difficult transition for many, so you’re not alone in your feelings. And there is no answer you’re going to like.

        Here are your options:
        Enjoy playing your music and helping others to realize their dreams and to enjoy their treble voices more while they have them.

        Learn a different choice in music. And realize that there are some lovely and expressive songs in ALL registers.

        Give up music and get active in something else. (Not one music lovers would ever consider.)

        One thing that helps is to listen to the music your limitations now preclude you from performing yourself. Enjoy the tones in your ears that can no longer fall from your lips. It is still quite beautiful.

        But never stop singing! It’s the fuel that flies the soul.

  96. Thnx I’m pretty sure I can relax now thank you!!!!!!!!! 😀

  97. Currently, I’m 21 years old. 2 years back, I used to sing very swiftly, without any hassle. In other words, it was natural for me, although at that time i didn’t appreciate my voice this much, but hearing to some of my previous recordings tells me that i actually used to sing very elegantly. But now my voice has gone flat and i have been trying desperately to get it back for the last two years. But in vain. One of the very strange problems i’m facing is that i sometimes am able to sing a part of a song nicely but some other time i fail to sing that very same part. Sometimes, it also happens that i sing nicely in a low voice, but as soon as i try to increase my volume, i start facing problems. This has been happening for the past two years and i think it’s getting worse. I can assure you i had a beautiful voice. Can i get that elegance back. If yes, how. Please help!!!.
    Thanks in advance!!

    • It sounds to me like it is a matter of diet and exercise. Sugary drinks especially. And dairy, like milk or ice cream. Those drinks leave a gooey coating on your throat. Try hot teas and lots of water. Stay away from sugar. Then practice your scales slowly focusing note by note. You need to exercise your voice just as you would your muscles before running a race. Your voice is no different. scales, bottom to top.

      Better to practice one time properly than a thousand times in the wrong way.

      Practice your vowel sounds and technique. Find a vocal coach, perhaps a second or third year music major, they can help you design a warm up regime to suit your voice. I suspect without too much work you can be back crooning with the best of them in a very short amount of time.

      Good luck and keep making beautiful music!

  98. Thanks for such a quick reply!! You are completely correctly about me consuming sugary drinks and ice creams a lot for the past 2 years or so. I suspect this is the reason. I am going to start working on your advice. I haven’t recieved official training yet, but now definitely, I am going to find a vocal coach and start practising. Thanks a lot!!

  99. I hope it helps. Stop back and let me know how it works out with you.

  100. Firstly it was a beautiful I struggled to ask myself and I’m glad it was asked because the response was just as magnificently beautiful and don’t forget to remember that a sound mind, in a sound body.

  101. I don’t sing but when I was younger I had a very high picked voice but now that I’m older my voice got all deep and cracky. Thanks so much. 🙂

  102. Of late I started aving difficulty to to pitch. And sustain while singing. Don’t knw wat to do abt it and am pissed . Av tried takin wrm water nd honey to see if ctually there is a blockageon my throat. All to no avail. Wat must I do to regain my voice

    • Thanks for writing. I think before I can opine properly I’d need to know your age and to confirm that you are male. Having said that I can offer only this. First, if you think it is something medical then see your doctor. Particularly if there is any soreness. It’s that time of year for the folks on the northern half of the globe. Also watch what you drink. Any sugary drinks like carbonate soft drinks are particularly bad. Drink lost of water. So many become dehydrated by not drinking enough water or by drinking sodas that actually rob the body of water.
      There is an herbal tea that I carry with me constantly. I have a lot of people who over do it during rehearsals and lose their voice. It’s called “Throat Coat” and produced by many tea companies. It’s main ingredient is slippery elm bark and it’s actually just a little sweet.

      Write back and I might have more based on the information requested.
      Make music no matter what. It makes the world a better place.

  103. It was an awesome article….
    My voice has just started to change from last month.Its not that deep.I used to sing at A# Scale but now my vocal coach has reduced it to A.He said that it will go lower and lower in the coming months.Its very difficult to hit the high notes.
    What do u suggest i should do now?

  104. it seems that my voice is taking forever to change …i m 14 and a half….going to be 15 in few months now…..i get teased of my height.. i think i have started the first signs puberty …but when will my voice change….It is getting little difficult to sing high notes..when do u think my voice will change?

    • Hi Alan,
      Every voice is unique, so is every singer and every boy. Some break and settle quickly, some break but don’t settle for a long time. Some break and the difference is subtle. Some squeak like a chimpanzee in a vise. YOU are unique. You’re special and you will just have to wait it out. I know its hard to wait. And all those new hormones tend to blow things out of proportion sometimes too. So don’t let it get you down.

      You said you get teased over your height but you didn’t say because you’re too tall or too untall, but it doesn’t make a difference. Right now, this moment in time, you have to decide what kind of house you want to live in for the rest of your life. Now until you are 18 is the most important period of your life. You are going to build the body you want for the rest of your life between now and the next 4 years. So who do you want to be? How do you want to look? Get active and start eating right. Getting active will also help burn up that excess testosterone your body uses to build muscle and bone. Use it or lose it. It will not only make you into a really desirable mate for someone but it’ll probably help get you through puberty a lot faster.
      Cheer up, it’s not the end of the world, it’s the beginning.

  105. Help me please! I have a show next week and I am a soprano but for some reason I can’t sing my required notes anymore, my throat feels blocked. I can sing lower and higher than the notes I need, whenever I try it’s blocked for some reason, please help. This only occurred about a week ago.

    • Hi Kaiki,
      So sorry you’re having this issue. But you need to give me some more information. Age and sex in particular. So I’m going to have to wing it here. First and foremost know that I am not a doctor so if you have discomfort or think you need to then error on the side of caution and see your doctor. Having said that, the fact that you can sing above and below would suggest this is a temporary issue. Perhaps allergies or diet or practicing too much.
      With the limited information you’ve given me I can suggest the following. Go to your natural tea store or pharmacy and get some throat coat tea. It’s called many names but look for the ingredients of slippery elm bark. I have seen opera singers strain their voices, drink a cup of this tea and be able to continue their performances. Also drinl lots of water and stay away from dairy and sugary drinks.
      Remember, if you’ve damaged your voice by screaming at a sporting event or something or you suspect this something, don’t take any chances with your voice, go see your family physician. I hope this has helped.
      And good luck.

  106. Hi bestpi,
    It’s been long since I didn’t write to you…You were talking about taking a vocal rest during after hitting puberty, so how long do we need to take rest and does this means that I should not sing at all during those times or occasionally…..
    I am 20 years old now and still in the process of recovering…….Do I really need to sing hard in order to be able to sing high tunes as I did once when I was a kid…….???????
    Please answer my question…………….

    • Each person is different. But I can give you this. Sing in a comfortable range, do your scales and exercises. Test your limits but don’t try and force what’s there. Understand that you may never get those notes back. You’re not a treble anymore your an adult so your range is going to be different. Don’t expect it to go back to the range you had before puberty hit. Learn your new instrument. Keep singing. Always keep singing.
      However, the rules still apply for good health and good eating and especially good drinking. Lots of water no sugary sodas.

      I hope your new sound is pleasing and uniquely yours.

  107. Thank you Bestpi,

    So can I still increase my range for now like many professional singers that i find it very difficult to sing along with them like Chris Brown, Imagine Dragon since they usually sing high…… ………….Or my vocal range is fixed and stuck in a particular variety like baritone or whatever……
    And if I am able to increase my range , how long will it take normally and how often do i need to do those exercises?

    My voice has changed since I was 14 years old…From that time, I pretty much quit on singing needless to say I sang and practice occasionally from time to time after that…Now I am turning 21 years old and is it too late to learn singing again and have high pitch like Bruno Mars or so……
    Please give me some advise??

    I will really appreciate your reply………….

  108. It’s never to late to relearn your singing. What your range will be is what it is and can’t be altered by practice. You can widen it and perhaps enhance the quality but what you get is what you get. Don’t be disappointed if it happens that your range is lower; just adapt what you’re singing to your range. Make it your own. Let Bruno want to be SDK.

  109. Thanks for the answer very much……..So, it does not matter how hard do I practice … My range is fixed and can’t grow any higher than this……but you said I can widen it..So what is the difference in widening and increasing range…. I can sing along with Chris brown and Bruno Mars when I use my head voice or what they call as falsetto…Is it that most of the male singers like Nate Ruess and those who can reach very high notes just know how to use their head voice instead of using their chest voice or they are just born lucky to have those high pitches or with a lot of practice they put onto their singing or they have some secret like vocal surgery?
    Please answer my question………………………………………………………………….

  110. Again, everyone is different. So ranges are different as well. The one’s mentioned just have a different range. Once you hit puberty your ability to hit the brilliance notes is generally considered a falsetto. Treble and falsetto are not the same thing.
    Now, what I mean by stretching or widening your range is just that. Reaching the extremes available to your natural range. Different people have different abilities and different ranges. A lot depends on your anatomy and how you’ve changed. Higher voice ranges are neither lucky or unlucky, they are what they are. It’s your preference to those higher tones that makes you view them as lucky. It’s like that old axiom, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” There is beauty in all parts of voice. So don’t be disappointed in what you have, find a way to make it beautifully yours. Keep practicing the limits of your voice but don’t force it. Doing so will make you solid on the notes you can reach on either end. I hope this helps. And remember, stay away from dairy and sugary foods. Drink lots of water and keep singing!

  111. Thanks for your article. I’m Karen ethnic from Burma. I’m 33 and I’ve broken my voice about two years ago. I’m singing at my own band ‘Arise and Alive’ and also working as audio engineer. When I was young I can hit high notes well and I screaming. But now I can’t sing normal. I glad to see your web page. Now I’m going to try again for my new voice by your advice that I’ve read. Please see my two videos(Arise and Alive’s lyrics video and live unplugged at Church funfair) at YouTube if you’ve a time and I need your help for my vocal. Also want to read your email reply. Thank you so much and God Bless! 🙂

    • Hi Karen,
      Your chosen style will have a short lived life as their is probably nothing more damaging to a voice than what you have been doing. So take that into consideration as you continue. You’ve already stated that you have lost a good deal of range. I would look for that to continue if your style doesn’t. We all make choices in life, I would urge you to use caution as you could end up without even a speaking voice; if you push it too far. So your choice to find a softer more melodious nature would probably prolong your voice. Save the shouting for when the toddler is headed for the electrical outlet with a metal object in their hand.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing. Take care of your voice and remember, keep singing! (But gently!)

  112. Thank you bestpi!

  113. I am a girl I turned 13 on June 22 and on maybe around July 11 I got a sore throat and a cold and I am feeling better my voice is still strange as if I still have a sore throat and I used to sing very well and very high some people say like Ariana Grande but now I can’t even sing a simple ABC song. What is going on with my voice?!?!

    • Hi Darlin’, It could be a lot of things. Since you’ve been sick my first impression would be to suggest some slippery elm tea, also called throat coat tea. But since you’ve been sick I would suggest you go back to your doctor and have it checked out. I suppose it could be from coughing and such. Best to be safe! Go see your doc. And when they give you the all clear, keep singing!
      Be well.

    • Well young lady I would suggest a trip back to the doctor would be in order. It sounds like perhaps some allergies or some other ailment might still be affecting your ability to sing. Don’t take any chances, go see your doc! And get better!

  114. Hello bestpi . I am also suffering from this problem but i have one more problem that is i am unable to identify that am i singing correct note or not. when my friends hear me they say that i am singing good but when i sing along with a song my voice doesn’t match that note a bit. Sometimes i feel that i m singing correctly but sometimes i don’t. When i sing songs the notes seems SIMILAR to the correct notes but not that of original song. I am totally confused about this my voice changes on different songs. When i talk my voice is different and when i try to sing my voice becomes different. What is this????? Please show me a correct way.

    • Hi and welcome. May I suggest that some education and evaluation might be in order? Every person’s range and vocal abilities are different. Key changes in a song can also be very difficult sometimes depending on your skills in music and your vocal abilities. That’s normal, that’s what makes us all unique. It would be very difficult to evaluate you without knowing a lot more information and that information is not available to me so I will recommend that you visit with a vocal coach or a music teacher to evaluate your range, abilities and understanding. You did not state your age or gender so I don’t know if there is settling of your voice yet to contend with.
      It is also possible that you have a hearing deficiency. I have seen people with beautiful capabilities that were tone deaf. So for this you should see a Doctor or an audiologist. There are many places that will test your hearing for free. Sometimes a hearing deficiency will just be in a select range so you will feel that you hear everything just fine. But you are actually missing things that you don’t realize.
      So check these things out and keep working towards your goals.
      And no matter what, keep singing!

      • Hello bestpi. I am 16 years old and i am a boy. I am not suffering from any hearing deficiency. I am fine.

  115. I have not broke my voice yet, now that I’m 13. I m a boy anyway.
    I am not happy of a future voice break. I expect to retain my trebles after puberty, however hard I must try.

    As per your advices, I believe why I am reaching late voice break is a diversion of testosterone towards other activities, in my case basketball and m********ion. However this is not a stable solution (unless I’m draining testosterone towards primary sexual characteristics) so I would ask if it is possible to regain high notes after voice break?

    Currently I can reach the highest notes in the song Molitva by Marija Serifovic and various other high female songs. I have actually been experiencing my voice going upwards and reaching higher than ever notes. Why is it so? Can I continue this trend of my voice going up for a few more mmonths? Can my voice continues to reach the highest notes? Can I avoid voice break altogether by diverting my testosterone towards things like basketball and m********ion? Thanks in advance.

    • And, by the way, what is head voice and how can I keep it?

      • Your headvoice is the source of those brilliance notes that only a treble can make. And it’s more about where you “perceive” the sound is being created then where it actually comes from. Here is a diagram I provided for a parent to help their youngster find their headvoice.
        Headvoice image
        One of the ways you can tell if you’re doing it right is that the bones in your cheeks will vibrate or resonate when you sing those brilliance notes. The way to keep it is to stay focused and to practice, practice, practice! Just do it wisely.
        If you are “permitted” to post your voice on youtube we would love to hear your voice. SO drop us a link. Remember to be safe and get permission. And never with your face visible. Remember to get permission and to always be safe online.
        Thanks for sharing here, I hope you’ve found some useful information.

    • Hi Phanthantom,
      “Most” boys retain their treble voices until late 14 to mid 15 years of age. But it is possible for it to happen now as well. Puberty is unavoidable which is why it is to be cherished and recorded so that those sounds are never lost. I am not a doctor or a scientist so whether your attempts to use up your testosterone reserves will help you is not one I can answer but what I CAN tell you is that the exercise will be good in building a good house to live in for the rest of your life. And it certainly won’t hurt. It sounds like you have things well in hand. Continue to use your good common sense in these matters. Remember to stay hydrated! And that means with water fruit juices, not sugary soft drinks. Keep doing your scales and don’t worry about the break. When it does, it does. Enjoy it for now and record those beautiful tones so you and WE have them for years to come. And post them if your parents allow it so the world can hear you as well.

      • So, apparently I am heading towards the right direction. I consumes around 5 litres of water a day, canjot drink soda or any carbonated drinks.

        And, by far for me the most important question is: Is it possible to regain high notes after voice break? I mean it will be loss, but is it possible to train the voice upwards once again? (My current voice is also a result of voice training, and it is actually higher than all others in my class, including girls)

  116. Hello guys…..i have a sound problem hope u will help me from this problem…im 20 year old boy and my sound is like a little boy…i dont know wat to do with my voice n also all my friends telling me that my voice is like little boy so i rely shy to talk with my friends…so plz help me how i change my voice like adults….plz dont ignore this post cuz im in big problem so plz help me……

    • Hi Alex,
      First of all let me say that we are ALL unique. Celebrate that. Now for your concerns. If you have concerns that there is something medically wrong then you should see your doctor. You sound like you may have concerns so if for no other reason then to be sure everything is ok, go see your doctor and that will perhaps alleviate that concern.
      Now, assuming everything is okay regarding your health, we each get what we get. I would presume that you may have a counter tenor voice. Do you sing? Try it, you may find that you have a voice many guys would kill to have.

      As to how to make your natural voice change, short of surgery it’s not going to happen. It sounds more like you need to hang with some better “friends”. A voice does not make a man any more then what is between his legs. It’s what’s between his EARS that makes a true man. Be happy in your uniqueness. You are special, embrace that gift. You’re not a freak, you’re a hybrid. Enjoy your upgraded firmware. 😉 and be happy in your skin.

  117. A few days ago I could sing highly and loudly, now I can barely sing with a two octave range. I know you said I would have to sing slowly and softly for a bit, but how long is a bit? I’m a part of two choirs, one of which is SSAA and one is SAB. I’m 13, and soprano in the first and baritone in the second, but in the second I have trouble singing the low baritone part, which should get easier. So how long do I have to sing slowly and softly, because that’s not really an option in the first choir…

    • previously, I could sing with a great range, and got the most pleasure from singing high, loudly, and freely. Now I can’t, and it’s making me kind of grumpy. So is there a way my future voice can be trained to sing higher, even if not as high as I could formerly?

    • Hi Webmaster 40,
      Thanks for asking that great question. Sorry it took me so long to approve it and to get back to you. I was in show and traveling. But let me try and explain. While we can and always should stretch ourselves and seek our limits, doing so while your instrument is still changing can be a bit like shoveling sand uphill in a strong wind. It can be tiring, frustrating and a bit futile. Right now you should sing in the middle of your comfortable range while your body is going through these sometimes most annoying changes. As for how long, each of us is different and change at different rates. Some hit puberty quite young and others not until their mid to late teens.There is no predicting it and worry is about the most useless emotion one can drag along with them.
      How far will yo be able to stretch? What range will you have? I would think that our choir director could answer that much better then I. You’re thirteen. You may be amongst the youngest of men but you are becoming one. Right now, were I you, instead of making the awful choices in like that I did which makes me look like I swallowed a Prius, I would be working on that house you’re going to live in with that great new voice when it’s finished. Now and through your 18th birthday. What you do and what you eat will dictate how you will look and FEEL for the rest of your life. And doing so will help you get through the change faster, smoother and with better results. It will also take your mind off the waiting.

      You sound like a great young man who can do pretty much anything you put your mind to. Just keep singing and remember your training and your warm ups. You’ll come out on top, of that I have no doubt. I know these were not the words you were looking for but it’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string or how much does a rat weigh. We’ll both just have to wait and be amazed together.

  118. hey, I know that Im a bit late here, by six years actually, but Im 13 now and I am aware of the fact that Im in puberty range, and I used to be able to go all over the scales. Only now, after I hit puberty, I most definitely cannot go all over the scales and my range is very limited. As I go up the scale of notes, my voice gradually gets less and less comfortable, then finally nothing comes out and I feel as if there is something blocking up my throat, obviously not literally but thats what it feels like and something is blockin the sound out. Im confused with how I combat that and get that blocked up feeling in the higher range unblocked. Also, if you could listen to Panic! At The Disco because I really wanna sing like Brendon Urie (the singer) and I was wondering if you know how to achieve such a goal because you seem like a vocal genius. If you could reply even though its six years late, that would be awesome. Thanks if you can

    • Hi PT,
      You’re not late. And the human body and the effects of puberty has not changed in at least a couple thousand years. What you have described is the classic case of voice change brought on my the changes in your body. You open your mouth, push air and some note (As you knew them before) are suddenly devoid of any sound whatsoever. What has happened is that you’re trading in your guitar for a piano and you’ll need to wait until the craftsman is done to experience the new instrument and how to use it to make beautiful sounds again. What range those will be in is something of a mystery today and will probably remain so for several months.UNLESS you help the craftsman in building your new instrument. And I should say that this statement is backed by age and speculation, not science. But my experiences have shown me that not stretching your vocal chords by screaming while your body is changing helps retain a higher range unless your DNA is predisposed to have a much deeper voice. Additionally, I believe that by staying hydrated and butt loads of exercise helps bleed off massive amounts of testosterone and that which your body uses for altering things has less to apply to that part of your body that makes sound. In short, building muscle and other activities that use up testosterone can only help you in your goals.

      Don’t try to stretch your voice right now. Give it a rest. Get active. Get a significant other. Be happy, you deserve to be happy. For right now, sing only in the range that is comfortable, no stretching. Come back and tell me how things go. And get happy, you “deserve” to be happy.

      And thanks for the tip, Panic at the Disco was awesome. I’m an old fart and I don’t often wade through the morass of crap to find the gems. That was good.

  119. Hey…..I went bit high pitch about 2 months ago.just over strained..nd my voice seem to have lost.i did not sing since as I can’t.when will I get my voice back.i went to the doc he says it’s perfectly fine. Pls help.i still practice some soft low scales but can’t sing..nd become hoarse after speaking for about 30 min..

    • Hey bestpi….it’s James …I think puberty is my case…nd that’s the reason my voice is yet confused..(muscle memory).i thought I would hav hav strained my voice but I was wrong…it’s my puberty days…but how long will hav my whole new uncracked voice..???.nd does every human has a voice problem or voice crack….or is it jus singers in their puberty??…I think ur answer will be my solution to the problem

  120. Hi James,
    Every male has a voice break. Sounds like yours is a little late but each of us has a different body clock. All you can do is wait it out and remember not to yell or scream. Things are going to be changing a lot in that department anyways. Stay hydrated and burn off some of that testosterone and build the body you will live in for the rest of your days. Make it a good one as you’ll be in it for a long time. You don’t want to hit middle age looking like me. I look like I swallowed a Prius Automobile.
    Take your time, don’t rush it. Sing in the middle of your range and softly. Just remember your training and you will be fine. And remember, keep singing.

  121. That means I will hav a whole new again with no cracks in voice??sounds great

  122. Yep! And it’ll be YOUR sound, unique to you. Make it special. The breaking with the squeaks and missing voice is usually only a few weeks to a month long. But it will take a while before it settles into your new sound. Probably 6 months to a year before it settles completely. But keep in mind that everybody’s body clock is different. But take heart. It’ll be over before you know it. Just get busy and stay active.

  123. Hi, im 17year old m, and I want to know if in this age can still sing good? I sung when I was young because of shyness, i stooped. but, eventually I realized that singing is really2x good and I regret why did I stopped. 😩 and now, i always sing even in bathroom and hearing some negative sayings. I feel hopeless sometimes but, there is nothing wrong to dream right? Haha
    Good day tnx☺

    • Singing is good for the spirit. Of course you can sing at 17. You may have to work at it to be good. Just keep singing and when they complain, sing louder. Perhaps if they’re annoyed enough they’ll pay for some vocal coaching. 😉

    • Hahaha, thanks !! 😊😊 😊 its was really really helpful 😉

      • Hey jhon…it’s James again..I started to some soft scales nd I am improving happy about..but 1 question…I sometime speak normally …nd sometimes i tend to squeeze …is this a puberty symptom >

  124. Sure sounds like it James. Might be another trip to your doctor to be sure. Congratulations. Remember you are relearning the muscle control. So that’s to be expected.

  125. I’m 14 and my voice is breaking… I really hope I can sing high and low notes when it has broken. Singing is my life and I love it… If it got taken away from me, I don’t know what I’d do! Last year I could sing perfectly whether high or low or going from chest voice to high… Now I have to choose between low or high otherwise my voice cracks… Please help me… It’d be really helpful if anyone could reassure me about whether I’ll be able to sing

    • Hello Cameron,
      I understand your panic. Rest assured you will still be able to sing once through this change. Not to worry there. You need to take the advice I’ve given to others here. For now you will have to find songs in the middle of your comfort range. Don’t try and force it. Your body is well into puberty now and your body is flooded with hormones that are new to you. It will change your emotions as well. It can make things seem much worse then they are so try and keep that in mind. Try not to let it depress or worry you. If it does then talk to somebody about your feelings. Some things I think you can do to help minimize your vocal changes are to increase your water intake and become more active. Running or swimming are good. You want to divert testosterone to building muscle. Assuming your body only produces a specific amount it’s reasonable to assume the more used for building muscle and bones the less available for the task of changing your voice. This is my own speculation through years of observation, I am not a scientist or a doctor.

      Give your voice a rest for a bit and refrain from screaming or extreme vocal outbursts as this may damage the vocal chords already stretched in this change. When you seem to stop squeaking start working on your scales again. Think of this like putting down a violin and picking up a guitar. It’s the same yet different. You’ll need to learn your new instrument. But you’ll pick it up quickly. But you need to let your voice settle first. Doing it before then will only serve to frustrate you as you would be trying to learn the new instrument while it is still being strung.

      Your new voice will be different and won’t be as high as it was, but it can be beautiful and uniquely yours. I have no doubt your voice will be stunning. Hugz.

  126. please when person do apendix opration then after a month this person voice is not clear again and this person take some drug and is still not have clear voice so please can you tell us what happen

    and can this person voice clear again?

    • How old is this person and is the person boy or girl? The Appendix operation would not cause the voice to change but it is possible if ether was used to make them sleep this could cause perhaps something to look at for the vocal chords.

  127. I am sorry, I do not have an answer. You should see a doctor for a clear answer. I have no way of determining the cause or condition.

  128. dear, i am turning 25 years now.till i was 18 years old i could sing very well. but when i was 20 years old, i cant sing good anymore. when i start singing i cant continue my voice and it starts breaking and i depress. i have bipolar disorder and anxiety. is it due to it? thanks for reply

    • Well I do not have an answer for you. But I don’t think being bi-polar would have anything to do with it. Now the medications for it “might” have something to do with it but I do not know. You need to check with your doctor to be sure. It’s possible that you just need to relearn to sing. Learning the new instrument that you have become. Seek the help of a good voice coach to be sure.
      Good luck

  129. I once a treble singer and I always got the champion place in contests but now that Im 13 years old., I did not find my voice again so thanks in your advice and I decided to change my genre last month so thanks

    • Jerome, at 13 if your voice is changing then you have a ways to go before your voice settles. At least for most youngsters. Every body clock is different. But puberty can last into your early 20’s! So I would expect you have some time and some changes yet to come. Be patient. Just don’t change the genre to a type that might be damaging like scream music ok?
      Stay smiling and keep singing.

  130. Wonderful article! I finally have a clear mind about all of this… feels good to know there’s still hope…
    Thank u.

    • So glad you found it worthwhile. here’s ALWAYS hope. Just learn your new instrument and realize it took you nearly 10 years to learn it the first time. It shouldn’t take you nearly that long to do it again but the point is,as long as it is still changing you will have to keep relearning it.So don’t expect it to come overnight. Your new voice will be uniquely yours. And it will most likely be worth the wait.

      Cheers! And keep singing.

  131. Hi there, some fantastic suggestions here, thank you for your article.

    I have a question regarding my new voice. I am 19 years old and my voice broke when I was around 14. There was a stark contrast between the two voices; from unnaturally high and squeaky to what professionals now call a bass voice (Even Tim Foust said it to me). I still make the most of my new voice, but as it is rather deep, I focus more on bass singing.

    I was wondering how much deeper my voice will get. I try hard to expand my vocal range both higher and lower, but I know that the larynx grows even after my age. Although my voice is deep, there is still a slight trebly/young sound to it. Is there a rough age where the larynx stops growing? Can I expect my voice to get even deeper/thicker? How much different will it sound when I hit 28-30?

    Let me know if I make any sense.

    Kindest Regards


    • Hi Daniel,
      What a great question. And of course everyone is different and there are no set rules. 25 is usually considered the point when puberty is completed although for some earlier. The majority of your change I suspect has already happened and I wouldn’t expect much of a difference from where you are now. I would think that anything beyond this point will be very minor. We all miss our treble voices, I’m glad you are still singing.

      Never stop! Singing is food for the soul.

    • Hi Daniel,
      What a great question. And of course everyone is different and there are no set rules. 25 is usually considered the point when puberty is completed although for some earlier. The majority of your change I suspect has already happened and I wouldn’t expect much of a difference from where you are now. I would think that anything beyond this point will be very minor. We all miss our treble voices, I’m glad you are still singing.

      Never stop! Singing is food for the soul.

  132. Hi I’m 14 and I have an urgent question. I’ve recently had a cold / cough / sore throat and I you could give me some advice. also believe I am hitting puberty. I don’t know if it’s that I was feeling run down or if it’s puberty but I can’t sing as high at the moment. It bothers me and I’m supposed to be performing in a week. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. Thanks.

    • Hi Joseph,
      I’m sorry your voice is not top notch and you aren’t feeling well. Here’s what I can offer. You are at the age where it may be either. If your congestion is cleared up then hot tea is the choice to clear our any dried muck that may be about. In particular a tea called throat coat. Not sure if it is available as a loose tea but you may find a tea shop and ask about a slippery elm bark tea. Slippery elm is a tad sweet in itself so no honey or sugar or cream. All of which can produce phlegm.

      If after a cup of slippery elm tea, you still can not do the scales, then it may be time to mention it to your choir master. It doesn’t mean yo are done with your treble voice but it is important that he makes arrangements just in case right?

      I hope this helps. I have had opera singers blow out their voice, drink a cup of slippery elm tea and perform second performance just a couple hours later. It’s cleansing and restorative properties make it a staple in my stage kit.

      Good luck and stop back and let me know how you make out.
      Cheers M8

  133. hi
    my name is sina and im 20 i love music and singing i had a beautiful voice and every one liked it and my father is a very good singer too but about a year ago it started to change and right now my singing voice is not the same i feel lost… i tried a lot to sing like every day at first i could not sing higher nots but through time it got better but still when i record my voice its really bad what should i do? should i wait till my voice stop changing?

    • The amount of time to finish changing is different for every person. You have a completely new instrument. You need to learn to play it again. Go back to basics. Scales! Find your range. Sing in the middle of that range. Focus on each note making it correctly. Remember! Slowly, note by note until you can call on it instantly without sliding. Keep stretching but not too much. Don’t strain, just stretch. Better to practice one time correctly than a thousand times wrong. But find your new range.

      I’m sure you will develope a great NEW voice.

  134. Hi I don’t know whether your still responding to comments but I’d like to ask what I can do to stop my voice staying in one rough deep tone whenever I sing a song. When I was 11 playing Oliver singing came naturally but only at a high pitch which was perfect for the role but now I’m 16 turning 17 this Sunday and would like to revive my ability to sing. I know I will not be able to achieve the high notes but hopefully with some advice I can learn to sing a range of notes and not just be stuck in one deep rough note that I can’t escape.

    • Hi Matt. I’m very sick atm. coming to the end of my life. I can offer you two suggestions. First, back to basics! focusing on each note. Second a vocal coach or choir director may help.
      Long life and laughter to you.

  135. Hi ,
    My name is Katlynn . When I want to learn how to sing correctly. I can’t sing and when I do my voice cracks . I need advice/ help . I’m only 19 and I want to become a singer.

    • My advice would be to join a choir or to find a 2nd year music student that might help you to learn the basics. Then practice, practice practice! Keep in mind that learning classical will give you the tools to sing contemporary so don’t be put off if that’s what they choose to teach you first. It’s a stepping stone.
      Cheers and good luck.

  136. My friend too had the same problem few year go, trust me he is one of the popular singers in his hometown today, join a chorus team or afford a separate training coach who can train you well, start from the beginning, move slowly, one day you will shine too. Hope you try this 🙂

  137. I just started singing again after 15 years. A friend was working with me because she said I sing to prettty and needed to belt it out. So she had me yelling as loud as I could even thou it hurt & the next morning I woke up my throat hurt so bad it felt like I had soars in the back of my throat & on the back of my toung. Today i couldnt even hold a simple note. Why? And what can I do to get back to just singing pertty.

    • Sorry for the delay. I missed the notification for some reason. But you answered your own question. Screaming, especially prolonged, damages the vocal chords.

  138. When i turnd to teenage ma voice became so grainfull and i cant sing too high pitches as well too low pitches and iam totally lost. I tried ma best but i cant sing anymore. Is thr any soln? 😞

    • Roshan I am sorry to say that “sometimes” this does happen. You may just have a range SO different that you can’t manage it properly. Find a vocal coach to properly assess your current abilities. They might have some better answers. Good luck!

  139. Hlo sir….my name is Vijaytej…I’m 13 years old…I use to sing songs of many singers like Justin bieber….Louis Tomlinson…. One direction… The vamps…Bruno mars…niall horan…n many more…but now I’m not able to sing so good like before…I’m not able to go higher…I’m not able to sing higher keys n everyone is saying my voice is dried…I’m drinking lots of water but still I’m not able toget what I wanted…please help me regarding this…

    • Hello Vijaytej,
      Your old very beautiful voice is changing to a new voice. Drinking plenty of water is good and needed for your NEW voice. You will not be able to go high like before. But you can still end with a beautiful NEW voice. For now, sing softly, do not strain your voice. Sing in the middle of your current range. It will take a while, be patient for it to settle. You’ll be alright. What we end up with, no one knows. But to get the most of your voice, take care of yourself. Exercise and drink lots of water. Physical exercise is also very important. Exercise burns testosterone as your muscles build. That affects your voice as well. No yelling! Very important. Stay well!

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