Jordan Jansen at 10, Already an Aussie Legend

Jordan Jansen Photo by David Clark

Jordan Jansen Photo by David Clark

A little over two years ago, a young boy stood alone, on a very, very large stage. His eyes stayed low, looking down at his feet. His breathing was rapid and his blood rushed as the music began to play and quietly he began to sing. “Where is Love” As he went on, he relaxed a bit more and was able to sing a bit louder; maybe even a bit better. And finally the song was done. He survived it. The applause came and at that moment, he knew. He knew that’s what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

His second song he entered the stage confidently. He knew what he would do. He knew the song. He listened for the music. His breathing was rapid and his blood rushed but this time not out of fear. This time it was excitement! He owned the stage and has owned it ever since.

Jordan Jansen

Jordan Jansen

Jordan Jansen is a 4ft 5in (135cm) bundle of talent. His Hazel colored eyes have sighted in on a target and he’s going for it. There is no stopping him once he sets his mind to achieve it. He has had dance lessons as well as singing and piano. His hard work really shows in his rapid advancement and his vocal skills have increased exponentially.

When I first heard Jordan sing, he was raw and unrefined. But I could hear those beautiful notes mingled within the searching notes. I knew they were there waiting to burst forth into a beautiful treble splendor. He was looking to find pitch without reference. He was learning musical progression, learning to intuitively anticipate the next note and to find it perfectly. He was hungry for it. And he found it and has continued finding it daily.

Jordan Jansen

Since then he has learned a great deal. He has found his head voice and has learned to make good round vowel sounds. He does very little searching these days. He knows his craft and works to fine tune it daily. He has increased his library of songs and has expanded on rock solid performances. He has also become a much sought after actor. And the public is responding. Between his YouTube hits and his theater and nightclub performances, Jordan has become a professional in every sense of the word.

Jordan Jansen

The Gold Coast Bulletin from July 03, 2008 Calls Jordan, a “Pint-sized Prodigy” as he readies for the “Galaxy of Stars” Charity Fund raiser on the 13th of July.

Here are just some of the things he has done:


Gold Coast Little Theatre: ROBIN HOOD & HIS MERRY MEN – Singer/Dancer

Nerang Bicentennial: ESTHER. Children’s Australian Rock Opera – Singer/Dancer – Dill

Spotlight Theatre: GYPSY – The Story of Gypsy Rose Lee – Singer/Dancer – Newsboy

Sanctuary Cove: WEST SIDE STORY – Snow boy & Solo Singer

Gold Coast Little Theatre: ANNIE GET YOUR GUN – Played the minor principle role of Little Jake.

TELEVISION: Modeled for Channel Nine’s NRA Australian Fashion Awards 2006.

Ben Parkinson Casting Course 2006

Short Movie – Almost Famous 2007

Short Movie – An Ordinary Affair 2007


Achieving very high results in numerous Eisteddfods, Jordan won the Overall 12 years and Under Song and Dance Award in Ipswich 2006, and last year won the Most Promising Performer receiving the Dot Doherty Trophy. He received the Music Excellence Award for the Beenleigh Eisteddfod & was invited back to sing for the Gold Coast Eisteddfod Musicale to perform his rendition of “I Am Australian.” 2008 Jordan won the Musical Theatre section of the Spotlight Entertainers Festival with his “If I Were a Rich Man” and received the perpetual trophy for the 2nd year running.

Jordan during morning tests while performing, \"Annie Get Your Gun\" and the Estedfodds which he won many awards for.

Nothing stops this little guy. He overcomes every obstacle put in front of him. He has some digestive issues and severe food allergies that lands him in the hospital several times a year. But he just keeps on going. Recently he had a part in, “Annie Get Your Gun.” Which was demanding for both, performances as well as rehearsals. He also had Eisteddfods and had to report to the hospital for tests Every day! Not to mention that he was not feeling well at all. It was a schedule that made his mother/chauffer cringe and she didn’t even have to perform when she got to the destinations. But he did it all and school too. With top marks! And he did it all wonderfully. He won many events in the Eisteddfods.

Just hearing him speak, will put a smile on your face. He has that gifted quality to his voice. He’s one of those special people who is able to send a smile through his voice.

A couple of my favorite videos are here, although it getting increasingly difficult to pick out the best, as he gets better with each one.

9 Year Old Jordan sings Edelweiss from the Sound Of Music in a lovely tribute clip for his Great Grand Mother on her 90th Birthday, he is unable to make the celebration so we are sending this for her to watch at her party.
There is one picture of Jordan in this video only at 2:04, he is sooooo little here!!!!
Honors for This Video:
#9 – Most Discussed (Today) – Australia
#1 – Most Discussed (Today) – Music – Australia
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#3 – Top Rated (This Week) – Music – Australia
#26 – Top Rated (This Month) – Music – Australia

9 Year Old Jordan Jansen singing Corner of the Sky from the Musical Stage Production of Pippen. This was sung during his Club Banora Performance last December. You can see more of Jordan at his website:

Honours for This Video:
#5 – Most Discussed (Today)
#1 – Most Discussed (Today) – Music
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#5 – Top Favourites (Today) – Music
#8 – Top Rated (Today)
#2 – Top Rated (Today) – Music
#52 – Top Rated (Today) – Music – Global
#36 – Top Rated (This Week)
#6 – Top Rated (This Week) – Music

But Jordan is not the only talent that Lee-Anne and Andrew Jansen have to be proud of. Jordan has an older sister who works the stage too. Jessica is a beautiful young lady who is also an incredible dancer. We look forward to seeing more of her this year, as she goes through her first year of high school.

9 Year Old Jordan singing Electricity accompanied by his sister Jessica at Club Banora. Jessica put this little dance together only 2 days before this was performed. This is a special suprise for all their You Tube friends who have requested they perform together… without all your requests this routine would have never happened and we were truely honoured to have both our cherubs on stage together today.

Honours for This Video:
#55 – Most Viewed (Today)
#5 – Most Viewed (Today) – Music
#89 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Music
#4 – Top Rated (Today)
#1 – Top Rated (Today) – Music
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#5 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Music
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#11 – Top Favourites (Today)
#2 – Top Favourites (Today) – Music
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#51 – Most Linked (Today) – Music

Jordan has produced his first CD for public release and has priced it at just $15 US Shipped anywhere in the world. Ask nicely and he may even autograph it for you.

To order his CD or to book him for an event:

CONTACT:Lee-Anne Jansen
E-Mail –
Send an email for information on how to get Jordan’s CD

Jordan’s BCSD Profile

One thing is absolutely certain. Jordan Jansen will be worth watching. He is a star now and he’s just getting started. Those that are wise enough to invest in this young man’s future will find a rock solid and certain return. Those that have seen and heard him can’t say enough.

The bottom line?

Jordan Jansen Rocks.bcsd


14 responses to “Jordan Jansen at 10, Already an Aussie Legend

  1. I have accidentally discovered Jordan and now my daughter and I are both fans. He is so honest in his performances it breaks your heart to watch. What a fine young man this kid is. We hope for a successful career for him and continued good health.

  2. Hi Jake,
    You are right, Jordan is indeed a very special one of a kind young man who sings from the heart. And he sings regardless of events or conditions that would normally render most of the rest of us useless and whimpering on the sidelines. He is an inspiration and a gem that This writer enjoys tremendously and hope to for many years to come.
    My prayer for him is that he may never lose his smile.

    Thanks for the comment.
    He has just released a Christmas CD too. See his website. Links are throughout his articles here.

  3. Hi Jordan I think you are awsome you are the greatest singer I have ever met you are so awsome and I hope you win singing competiton.Well I am 12 years old I will be 13 in may.Well you are awsome bye.

  4. Hi Jordan I think Im kinda In love with you. Im 12 years old, 13th of march 1998 😀

    • I am not Jordan but I will forward this message on to him. But I think I can safely say that Right now Jordan is focusing on his career and doesn’t have a lot of time for socializing of any kind. Talent, when you are a treble is fleeting and as we older folks say, you have to make hay while the sun shines. Since he won’t be a treble for more than a few years yet he has to make the most of it. He has a lifetime after his voice breaks to pursue relationships.

      That’s not to say he won’t be interested, it’s just to say don’t be offended if you lack a response. He’s pretty busy. I should also mention that you are in a very long line if you’re standing at the Jordan Jansen Kissing booth!

      Good luck with that.

  5. Jessica Glass

    Hey Jordan I am so happy for U and I thnk ur amazing.I Love U Jordan U Rock

  6. He’s recording his CD right now =]

  7. Does Jordan have a cd out in the uk? And what is it called? Thanks, a

    • After consulting his mum, I can tell you that at the moment, there are no CD’s available anywhere. But hopefully things are in the works.

      I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  8. aww poor jordan jansen!!!! :’) when i found out he was in the hospital started crying badly! 😥 i first found out when i was watching his “I Wish” video! i started to cry and when those pictures just came up more i was a crying like a baby! 😥 SWARE! now i know exactly why he was there! its still sad! i am only 12 years old so of course i am a huge fan of singers like tjat! jordan jansen is the australian justin bieber! but he has a great voice! LOV YOU JORDAN JANSEN! :’)

    • Yes but he is doing much better now. He watches what he eats and gets plenty of rest and exercises. He knows it is important to take care of his body. It is part of being a performer.

      Thanks for the kind wishes. I’ll see that Jordan get’s them.

  9. OMG hi i love ur music ..Its great.. Future Bieber :))

  10. hey I read this and i got sad. Wow he’s bin threw a lot

    • Yes but he has grown out of it and it certainly shows his level of professionalism and commitment. And look at him now. About to reap the rewards of his hard work and sacrifice. I’m proud to know him and his family is simply the best. I wish all stage mom’s did as Jordan’s mom. Support but never pushed, explained the commitment but never decided “for” him.
      the entire family is uberfantastic! I just can’t wait for his new songs to come out so we can hear them and see his new video.
      Thanks for the comment.

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