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Ryan John Cregan

A British Phoenix,

Almost Literally.

Ryan John Cregan
Born 03 July, 1996

Born in Blackpool, Lancashire England, this Blue eyed 5’2″ Smiling young man will steal your heart with his beautiful voice.

Ryan started his singing in earnest when he was just seven years old. His motivation then was to bring a smile to his mother’s face. It’s something he needed to do often.

You see Ryan and his family traveled sometimes dealing in Antiques and as such would attend fairs where they could buy and sell their wares. Ryan would accompany them and got to meet a lot of people. All of which became friends as Ryan’s nature knows no other existence. One weekend while they were away at one such antique fair, Ryan’s mother got a telephone call from one of her neighbors. Disaster had struck.

Their home had been burglarized and to hide any evidence they tried to hide their trail by setting fire to their home. They had even poured gasoline on Ryan’s bed to start the blaze. They had lost everything. Nothing was left. No pictures, no clothing, no reminiscent baby shoes or first rattle. It was all gone. They didn’t even have ID’s so they could prove who they were to get assistance. They were left standing on the street.

They survived the ordeal but it was an uphill climb. Tracey, Ryan’s mom would often fall into periods of deep depression. Ryan seeing his mother’s distress would sing to make her smile. And smile she did. And out of the ashes of this tragedy blossomed a truly beautiful voice and a very compassionate and hard working young man.

Tracey saw that he really enjoyed singing. It became apparent when she noticed that he always had a song on his lips, a tune playing in his head and he even sang in his sleep. So they found Ryan a vocal coach and he was a natural. He then branched out to do theater and again his natural abilities and stage presence took over. He has been made part of the family in the local theater and is well loved and supported in all that he does. Ryan was also entered in Idol 2008 where he took fifth place. Of course if I had been the judge it might have been a different verdict.

His goal is to act and perhaps entertain in film. An aspiration I am sure he will attain. He works hard at his craft and keeps a level head about him. A combination that, when coupled with talent produces world renown names. You know, those actors who are first on the lips of almost every person on the planet.

Ryan dances as well and is a lively active young man who always has a full plate before him and he loves every minute of it. He volunteers at least once a month at the church and does charity events when ever asked and his schedule permits. The larger the audience the better he likes the venue and his immediate desire is to sing at the open of a football game at Wembly Stadium. Of course I told him they don’t play foot ball there but he might be able to sing a tune before a soccer match that occurs occasionally.

Ryan sang at Preston football last year in front of 12,000 people but nothing was said as to whether or not it helped the team any, to win. Of course I told him that if the ball is round it isn’t really football. Seems when I said it you could hear crickets for the next few minutes.

All in all, this little 5’2″ powerhouse will be around for a long time to come. Ryan’s voice is changing now and it sounds like it is settling nicely. We’ll miss his treble brilliance but his new voice is sounding like it will be just as spectacular. Listen to the video below and judge for yourself. I think his new voice is turning out to be awesome.

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