Andrew Johnston – One Voice

Andrew Johnston – One Voice

Andrew Johnston, One Voice, bestpi

Andrew Johnston’s – One Voice is one of the most heart felt beautiful collections of treble music I have every had the great pleasure to listen to. This collection of well known songs is anything but ordinary and if you are resisting the purchase because you think it is just another “Pie Jesu” and “Tears in Heaven” Christmas Album then you are sadly in error. Please . . . check this sampler out. Just some of the best in brilliance from the CD.

His voice is superb, reaching some of the most tone perfect brilliance notes these ears have ever heard.

This is a Trebby Award waiting for the call and sure to be a contender for the Treble voice of the year.

(You can Quote me on that one.)

Track List

1. Pie Jesu

2. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

3. Walking In The Air – Duet With Faryl

4. Panis Angelicus

5. Tears In Heaven

6. Angus Dei

7. One Voice

8. Going Home

9. Imagine

10. I Had A Dream

I think if you listen, you will be as amazed as I was
and there will be no doubts that Andrew Johnston’s voice is a gift from above.


You will experience these classics in a completely new way
with a clarity and depth never before achieved.


And Andrew, if by chance you pass this way.

Thank you for sharing your gift with me and with the world.


Oh yes Andrew, One more thing. Bravo! Brilliantly done!

Interested in all things Andrew? Below are links to his everything. Even Amazon.

Andrew’s MySpace page

Andrew’s New Websitebcsd

Andrew’s Youtube account

Buying Andrew’s CD


3 responses to “Andrew Johnston – One Voice

  1. Definitely has a gift from God! Amazing!

  2. I hope you aren’t looking for an argument on that one.

  3. Indeed a truly inspiring clear sharp and amazing voice. To feel such a spirit is to know or at lest get a little closer to knowing God are father and what he wants for all of us. I hope through Andrew Johnston we can find the courage not to tease others. To not just leave it as comments but to practice it, and speak to those whom sit in the corner, or on there own. You never know what gifts they might have or perhaps to share with you. As well to stick up for those who are teased. May we be inspired and remember what peace is possible in our harts, and share the love, peace, truth, and life of such a memory. Thank you Andrew and May God Bless you and Keep you. Amen.

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